Sunday, September 28, 2014

LOCKS of the Week Results: 2-2 this wk, 4-10 overall

A marginally disappointing Week 4 on "LOCKS of the Week" as our selections got off to a 2-0 start, only to tail off with the final picks going 0-2.  The worst part was Utah's 21-0 lead on Washington State at home, only to not only blow the -13.5 point cover, but blow the game altogether, losing 28-27.  I don't know HOW that happened, as I didn't see the finish, but what a disappointment for the Utes.   Having said that, there was more wildness in College Football, with Arkansas leading Texas A&M most of the day, Miami covering -7 against Duke, and Can and Utah going to overtime and scoring over 50 points each.

I still felt pretty good about the picks though, and in the case of Auburn, a 32.5 point favorite, I will not soon go back to them with big point spreads, but they really were only a touchdown away from covering and they had a couple looks at it in the 4th quarter vs Louisiana Tech.  So their game wasn't quite that bad overall.

My favorite pick of the week, less because I was confident about it but more because it affirmed my ongoing mis-trust of Arizona State football, was definitely UCLA -4.   I was a little worried that I didn't wait on it to get it at -3, but once it was done, that extra point would make no difference in a Bruins 62-27 blowout at Tempe.  Two games I had an eye on but laid off of were Michigan State -28 and Minnesota +9.5 at Michigan.   You don't want to go to the well too many times with the Big Ten, so I still felt like I made the right choice just letting those two play out.  Big Ten games often have teams favored by too many points, or so it seems.

So, here's how it all broke down...

Hit with: UCLA -4, Maryland +4.  Let me also add that I'm very proud of the Terps today going to Bloomington and mostly shutting down an uptempo team like the Hoosiers.

Missed with: Auburn -32.5, Utah -13.5.  The Utah game is going to stick with me for a while.  I can't believe Utah would blow such a big lead at home.  Hard to imagine.  Usually they're the ones doing the upsetting, but maybe once they're the favorite it's a different story.

So, 2-2 for the week, and we'll have to wait 7 more days until we cut into that deficit.  Could have been worse too, so another week on "LOCKS" ends.

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