Monday, September 22, 2014

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: September 23rd

Not many things beat the warm glow of a small lamp in the living room.   It's just enough light to make you feel comfortable.. 

Ahh, look at the glow of that lamp.   I have it on now as I write this.  I feel so warm and safe.  Just letting it go while I write and watch the Dodgers play the Giants.

Sometimes little things like that are what life is all about.   I see the Dodgers so close to a division title, and we won't know for sure how far they'll go but this year, unlike the last 5, 6, who knows how many Dodgers postseasons, I'm going to finally stop worry about them winning a title.  This team is so good, but the others in the playoffs are incredibly good.   I'll just sit back and enjoy it.

Nobody is going to win every game in the playoffs, so it's just silly to be fretting about "blowing the postseason" or anything.  I'll take any wins the Dodgers get, even if it's zero, in October. 

The whole year I've, well for the most part anyway, had confidence in Dodgers baseball, and look how they've delivered.  Lots of games and lots of wins.  The Dodgers had a rough start too... going back to April and May and I said, now just a moment fellas, this is a good team, and they have some of the best starters in the NL.   This team is going to make it interesting, and did they ever!  Their middle relief stinks, oh yeah, but so many things are going right: the lineup, the closer, the first three guys of the rotation when Ryu is healthy.   I love these guys!

It's just fun, man.   I want to have fun for once.  I spent all of last October getting hyped up and worrying and talking about how they'll never win anything, and then they'd surprise me with games like Juan Uribe's big night in Game 4 vs Atlanta, and a big start by unlikely heroes in Game 5 in the LCS against the Cardinals.   Whether you win or lose a postseason is ultimately not your call or your expectation.  I'd rather savor the good rather than dwell on the bad this time.  So let the light shine soon on October!

This seems like a good time for a donut.   I went to DK's just to stick it to Dunkin Donuts a few weeks ago, and it reminded me how GREAT that place really was!  I spoke of them so many times already in three weeks.   I can taste that blueberry cake donut now.  Ahh, so good.

Well I think I must end the blog entry early this Dodger game just got very intense... 'til next time!

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