Friday, September 26, 2014

Mike Francesa's Week 4 NFL Picks: September 26th (8-5 record so far)

In the league where they play………………………………..  for pay.

Mike Francesa of WFAN says he's 3-0 last week and as I was not listening to the show, I will take his word for it.  So 8-2 since his 0-3 start.  (He says 9-2, but we calculated 5-2 from Week 2 and 3-0 he says for Week 3 so 8-2).   In total he is 8-5 heading to Week 4.  and HERE are his picks for this week.

Packers -1 at Bears
49ers -5 vs Eagles
Steelers -7.5 vs Bucs

Good luck to Mike Francesa's picks for Week 4, on we go!

UPDATE:  In week 3, per our friend Andy in Seattle, Mike took the following games:  Chargers, Cowboys, and Saints.   That would point to a 3-0 Week 3, thus rendering 8-5 as the correct record thus far.

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