Tuesday, September 9, 2014

DITCOW Podcast Picks: Week 1 Results; Ron in NJ leads

Here's our Week 1 DITCOW Podcast Pick Results.

Ron in NJ: 3-1  (Got SDSU, Missouri, and Chargers.  Missed PIT -7)
Andy in Seattle: 2-2 (Got Lions and Eagles.  Missed SCAR and CSU)
Say Hello to Ottis: 2-2 (Got Missouri and Vikings.  Missed Bears and Ohio State)
John in CT: 1-3 (Got Titans.  Missed Bears, Mich. St., and Colorado)

So, after one week here are our standings.

Ron: 3-1
Andy: 2-2
Oat Man: 2-2
John: 1-3

Join us at 10:30pm ET for our next edition of Podcast Picks.  You'll find us on youtube.com/user/ditcow or at blogtalkradio.com/daveinthecity.

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