Monday, September 22, 2014

"Kids Club" Pick Results: Week 3 - John a winner! The 'Bama Triple Bet Hits.

Pretty exciting week for the "Kids Club" Podcast picks in Week 3.   It was a really unpredictable week in College Football and nobody swept their two respective college picks, but, the great thing is that all four guys split their college picks.  From my point of view, that's a great feat with how unpredictable the weekend was.

One big reason why, the TRIPLE CHECKER ON A CHECKER of Alabama -14.5 hit convincingly.  It was rough for a while but Alabama poured it on by the second half and had full control of the game against Florida.  With three of the Kids Clubbers taking the Tide, everyone did reasonably well for the week.  John was the winner due to the "most weekly wins" tiebreaker, but otherwise both he and Oat Man went 3-1.  Ron went 2-2, splitting College and Pro Picks, and the Eagles were pretty close to covering for him, but instead they won by only 3 points instead of the 7 set by oddsmakers.  Andy was 1-3 for the week, but still in close range for the year.  Here's the breakdown.

John in CT (3-1)
Hit with Boise State, Saints, and Chiefs.
Missed with Akron

Say Hello to Ottis (3-1)
Hit with 'Bama, Bengals, and Chargers
Missed with Missouri

Ron in NJ (2-2)
Hit with 'Bama and the Saints
Missed with LSU and the Eagles

Andy in Seattle (1-3)
Hit with 'Bama
Missed with Arizona, Bills, and Panthers

After three weeks here are the standings:

John in CT: 7-5
Say Hello to Ottis: 7-5
Ron in NJ: 6-6
Andy in Seattle: 5-7

Everybody's right along side one another after three weeks.  It's been quite a competitive year so far for "Kids Club Picks."  Also of note:  no pushes so far!   We will count what I call "ties" as half wins, and the formula will be assessed for our season standings.

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