Thursday, November 20, 2014

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: November 21st

It looks like most of the archives on the DITCOW Blogtalkradio page got deleted this week!  I will check it again later, but I'm a very sad man.  I like to go back to old episodes to get a picture of how the show evolved, the guests we had and so on.   If they're gone for good, that's really too bad.

Tonight I had a special meeting with peanut M&M's.  This time around, I put them in the freezer before eating them.   Whatever the reasons, frozen M&M's are oh so good!   Incredible.  I wasn't going crazy like that lady in the "Mile High Hardees/Carl's Jr. cheeseburger" commercial, but they popped in my mouth and tasted great.

I also officially ran out of regular food.  I'm down to one can of Chipotle Chicken Chowder and a handful of peanut M&M's.  That's it!  It's time to go back to the grocery store.

One of my favorite sandwiches, and it's not a great sandwich overall, but I love it, and it's the Subway BLT footlong sub.  It's just vegetables, bacon, and cheese, with my choices of oil and vinegar, salt and pepper, then brown mustard and chipotle southwest sauce.   I enjoy it a lot, throw in some peppers and perpronchinis.  Yum!  NOW I wonder what would happen if I asked the fine folks at Jersey Mike's to create that same sandwich?  Would it taste even better?  What would happen if I mosey'd down to Bay Cities to ask guys to make a hero with those ingredients... maybe use their fine quality provolone as the cheese and use their special hot peppers blend as the topping.  It would truly amaze some folks.   I think I already had this sandwich once.. its their "capreese" sandwich but I'd also classify it as a Godmother Sandwich without meat.  Very good.  What I *didn't* do that time was ask them to add freshly toasted bacon.   With the bacon that sandwich would be outstanding!

It's been said many times before by many people, but doesn't bacon enhance everything?   I heard some people were grossed out by bacon covered chocolate but I had it once and I liked it.    I'd add bacon to cookies to see how that went.   One thing with me and bacon is that bacon has to be crispy... at least on the edges it must be.   You'll get what they call "thick sliced bacon" and its more like beef jerky.  It's not my thing.  People get so excited too about it: "ITS THICKER BACON!!"  but the difference is, that thicker bacon means less crispy bacon.   If the bacon was thicker but still as salty and crispy as usual, itd be fantastic, OR if it was more along the lines of the high grade pork bellies with succulent juicy centers, I'm all in.  Usually it's just the dried up portions of the pork made thicker, so again, its like chewing on bacon licorice or something - not quite the same effect.

I'll tell you what - I did not mention the reuben a friend and I shared at Las Vegas' Carnegie Deli location in the Mirage.  For those of you from New York, I am willing to gamble and say it duplicates the taste of their flagship location faithfully.  For me it's all about the pastrami, and it's so delightful.  The pastrami is moist, sumptuous, and full of flavor.  It falls off and melts in your mouth.  Really the only two places I know with better pastrami are Langer's in Los Angeles and Katz's Delicatessen over in New York City.  Technically I'm eating a fellow NYC sandwich, but with a much shorter distance to travel to get to it.

And, subconsciously, that might be what keeps me coming back to Las Vegas.   So many times a year, and every time I've been since about December 2013 I've made at least one stop at Carnegie Deli at the Mirage.  It's irresistible.   Every time I go after that pastrami during the trip.  On one or two occasions I hit it at a bad time, it wasn't that fresh and it tasted grainy, but still delicious.  Oooh, but on the other occasions it's just perfect.  Try it and see, then taste!

The Mirage, without really attempting it, made a casino designed especially for Dave. They said, "ok, what kind of Casino/Hotel would Dave live for?   We start with an enormous sports book, possibly the biggest one on the strip, let's put that up front.  Then we'll add a Starbucks on site.   We will add a burger place with customizable toppings, great fries, and shakes, plus excellent beer on tap.   If he's feeling it, we'll throw in a good buffet (which I havent even TRIED yet!), and a top notch steakhouse.   Let's add a chinese restaurant, then place some top 5 national pastrami right by the door.   Lastly we'll throw in fair slots, great blackjack and craps tables, a Beatles show, a Puppet Guy who does nights, a showroom with the best comics performing every weekend, rooms with views of the strip, the largest pool around, and easy access to the Venetian and Wynn.   Finally we want to charge reasonable rates, about 50 a night on slow dates.  It is... the Mirage."  And I keep going back there time after time.

McIntosh apples are my new thing.   Peach season is over, but it gives way to Apple Season, and McIntosh is at the head of the class.  I ran out of apples, so my new supply is on its way very soon.  I like McIntosh because it's tart but not overly sour.   Pretty much everything a Granny Smith was but better.   You ever notice, nobody tries to make a candy or an ice cream McIntosh flavored?  Missed opportunity here.   I think it'd be a nice change of pace.  McIntosh apples are incredibly fun to eat.   I don't really know why I was so late coming around to them, but the last year or so it's been grand.  It doesn't seem like my store really carries them until the Fall hits full stride.  Here we are!   Next trip I'm getting a huge bag of them.

How many apples can one person eat in one sitting?  Generally I'd imagine the person would get bored with apples after eating 3 ofthem.   Overall I think my ceiling is four apples, but if really pressed, I could go up to six of them.

That's all for the moment.  I always hoped that a health study would come out that said Peanut M&M's are healthy for you! 

Have a great Friday, everyone!

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