Wednesday, November 19, 2014

"Kids Club" Football Picks - Week 12: November 19th

Here they are!  The "Kids Club" picks for Week 12.  Thanks to John and Ottis for making the picks on-air on the @ditcow podcast (this week you can go to for the complete broadcast -- youtube didnt capture a full show). 

Here we go... good luck to the picks!

Ron in NJ (23-20-1) 
SDSU -4 vs Air Force
Boise St. -13 at Wyoming
Broncos -7 vs Dolphins
Cowboys -3 at Giants

Say Hello to Ottis (22-21-1) 
Notre Dame -3.5 vs Louisville
Oregon -34 vs Colorado
Bears -6 vs Bucs
Broncos -7 vs Dolphins

Ottis also likes Florida State -19 vs Boston College, but this will not count towards the contest.

Andy in Seattle (22-21-1) 
Kansas State +2.5 at West Virginia
Arizona State -16 vs Washington State
Patriots -7 vs Lions
Cowboys -3 at Giants

John in CT (21-23) 
Utah State -13 vs SJSU
Purdue -1 vs Northwestern
Eagles -11 vs Titans
Rams +4.5 at Chargers

Two notable Checker on Checkers this week:  Both Ron and Ottis like Broncos -7, and both Ron and Andy like Cowboys -3.   Both of these could prove to be popular picks all across America.  Good luck to all the picks and here's to a great Week 12!

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