Monday, November 24, 2014

"Kids Club" Football Picks - Week 12 Results: Andy 3-0-1, climbs into 1st place tie w/ Ron, everyone above. 500

Another big week in "Kids Club" picks.   We have now arrived at a point in the year where the entire Kids Club is .500 or better.  This is truly remarkable because for a good part of the year, some of our panelists were well under .500.  It was a great climb back for all.  Andy wins the week with a blistering 3-0-1 in picks, with Dallas rallying late to save a push.  John had a great week, sweeping NFL picks.  Ron did nicely himself with two keen college picks, nabbing the sweep of NCAA games.   The Oat Man nearly had a 2-2 week but the Oregon -34 pick was a push. Let's break down the results:

Andy in Seattle (3-0-1) 
Hit with: Kansas State, ASU, Patriots
Missed with: None
Ties: Cowboys

John in CT (3-1)
Hit with: Utah State, Eagles, Rams
Missed with: Purdue

Ron in NJ (2-1-1)
Hit with: SDSU, Boise St.
Missed with: Broncos
Ties: Cowboys

Say Hello to Ottis (1-2-1) 
Hit with: Bears
Missed with: Notre Dame, Broncos
Ties: Oregon

Oat Man was just a few plays from getting both the Oregon game and the Broncos game.   The Dolphins scored a very late touchdown to backdoor-cover.  Still wasn't a terrible outcome and as you'll see below he's hanging tough.  Now here are the standings after 12 weeks.

Ron: 25-21-2
Andy: 25-21-2
Ottis: 23-23-2
John: 24-24

As mentioned, everyone is now .500 or above. On to a big week 13 over Thanksgiving weekend.  Program note:  We may not do a podcast this week so check out the blog here for the picks.

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