Tuesday, November 4, 2014

"Kids Club" Football Picks - Week 9 Results: Ron goes 4-0! Virtual 3 way tie for 2nd

A lot of moving and shaking in this week's "Kids Club" Picks.  Congratulations to Ron in NJ!  He went an outstanding 4-0 in his picks, first undefeated week of the season, which by definition also means two split sweeps.  The rest of the Kids Club was a mixed bag.  John continued his comeback with a nice 3-1 week, Andy kept pace with a 2-2 week, and Ottis went a disappointing 0-4 with his picks.  Let's break it all down for Week 9.

Ron in NJ (4-0)
Hit with: Missouri, Utah State, Chiefs, Colts
Missed with: [none]

John in CT (3-1) 
Hit with: Kansas St., Cardinals, Patriots
Missed with: UNC

Andy in Seattle (2-2) 
Hit with: Patriots, Eagles
Missed with: Ole Miss, Arizona

Say Hello to Ottis (0-4) 
Hit with: [none]
Missed with: ECU, Arizona, Broncos, Chargers

After this week's picks, the standings really shook up.  We now have Ron with a big lead, and three players with nearly the same record.  Here's how it looks after 9 weeks:

Ron: 19-16-1
Ottis: 15-20-1
Andy: 15-20-1
John: 15-21

Not to be overlooked is John's nice comeback so far.  It doesn't seem like much with his current record, but he had two 0-4 weeks in a row for a combined 0-8.     With two 3-1 weeks, he is back to a few games in back of the leader.  One more winning week could put him back in contention for first.  We'll keep an eye on it.

Our Week 10 picks are coming up Wednesday night... hope to see you there for it!  We'll post the show link when we go on air on Twitter: @ditcow .  Follow us!  See you all in a few days for Week 10 picks.

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