Wednesday, November 26, 2014

"Kids Club" Football Picks - Week 13: November 26th

Here we go!   As we come down the stretch with the contest, we're ready with some big picks and some checkers on checkers for a Thanksgiving Weekend.  Here are the Kids Club Picks for Week 13.

Ron in NJ (25-21-2) 
UCLA -5 vs Stanford
Colorado St. -7 at Air Force
Bengals -4 at Bucs
Steelers -4 vs Saints

Andy in Seattle (25-21-2)
Utah State +9.5 at Boise State
Georgia Tech +13 at Georgia
Patriots +3 at Packers
Steelers -4 vs Saints

Say Hello to Ottis (23-23-2)
Baylor -26 at Texas Tech
Michigan St. -13.5 vs some other team
49ers -1 vs Seahawks
Colts -10 vs Redskins

John in CT (24-24) 
Texas +7 vs TCU
UCLA -5 vs Stanford
Bengals -4 at Bucs
Steelers -4 vs Saints

Good luck to all the picks and Happy Thanksgiving to the Kids Club and thanks to them for the great spots on the podcasts and a most fun pick'em contest!

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