Monday, November 10, 2014

"Kids Club" Football Picks - Week 10 Results: THREE members go 4-0! Ron stays in 1st.

An incredible week in "Kids Club" Football Picks!   After Ron got the first 4-0 week of the season in Week 9, we follow up with THREE of our Kids Club members going 4-0, catching right up to Ron in NJ who hangs on to first place.  Ron also went 2-2 with his picks, splitting both his college and pro picks.   Naturally, the large number of 4-0 weeks spike the split sweep numbers for tiebreaking purposes.  What a show!  Many shows were had and it's a very close race *now* as you'll see in the standings coming up.  First, let's break down a most productive week for the Kids Clubbers.

Ottis wins the week due to a better season record than John, and more individual week wins than Andy.    John's 4-0 keeps him only a half game away from catching the two others.   Some checker on checkers had a hand in this most successful week.  Here are the results player by player.

Say Hello to Ottis (4-0)
Hit with: Oregon, Baylor, Chiefs, Falcons
Missed with: [none]

A *huge* bounce back for Oat Man after going 0-4 the week before.  Now he's right back in the game!

Andy in Seattle (4-0)
Hit with: Georgia Tech, Arizona State, Packers, Eagles
Missed with: [none]

It appears the Arizona State cover, against Notre Dame, was most satisfying to Andy personally.  He expressed as much on the internets. 

John in CT (4-0)
Hit with: Duke, Baylor, Falcons, Eagles
Missed with: [none]

It's a definite first for Kids Club Picks.  3 of our Kids Club members with 4-0 weeks, and interestingly, the fourth had a 4-0 week last week.  The club is hitting its stride with football picks!  John was very keen to bet against the long running trend of Baylor losing at OU.   Talent ultimately won out instead of past history.

Ron in NJ (2-2) 
Hit with: Utah State, Packers
Missed with: Michigan State, Steelers

So!  A most exciting week, bringing the whole group within just a couple games of each other.  Here are our standings after 10 weeks:

Ron: 21-18-1
Ottis: 19-20-1
Andy: 19-20-1
John: 19-21

Can't get much closer than that!  Everyone's nearly back to .500.   Can the Kids Club keep the forward momentum in Week 11?   Tune in on Wednesday for their next big moves.

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