Monday, November 3, 2014

LOCKS of the Week go 1-3. Season Record now 13-22

If LOCKS of the Week was a company, we would declare for Bankruptcy.

Four picks, only one hit.  Here's how it went..

Hit with: Pats, and this was one I felt really good about.
Missed with:  Mississippi, Panthers, Ravens

1-3 for the week.  Now we're down to 13-22 for the season.  I suppose these ARE LOCKS of the week; it's a LOCK that you pick the other way!

You'd think my overall record including non-LOCKS is completely awful.  Amazingly, it isn't.   I've done better with other games and hunches, including MLB and NHL picks.  I'm actually ahead two weeks in a row.  but... well, I do my worst with both LOCKS of the Week and College Picks.

Been that kind of year.  We'll try it again next time.

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