Monday, November 24, 2014

LOCK of the Week went 1-0, Season Record now 18-25

Only one pick for LOCKS of the Week, and it hit!   We got the Raiders +7.5 and they won outright.  A great week for the Raiders, and LOCKS of the Week now moves up to 18-25.

Hit with: Raiders
Missed with: none

1-0 this week.

I like the concept of going just one game at a time.   With the win, LOCKS is now 7 games under. 500  That seems bad, and it is, but its also a lot better than where we were a few weeks ago when we were 9 under .500.   It will take a lot of decisive careful picking to get us to .500.  It's funny too... last year we were well above .500 and trying to stay away from getting under .500 and we couldn't do it.  A free fall to a game under water.   This year, there's a chance, by picking fewer games a week, with only our most confident selections, that we'll get to .500 by year's end.  We have a month to make it happen.  Here's to the best!

Note: we won't go just one game at a time every week, but something like that.  Small samples of games.   Hopefully more success as we go along.

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