Wednesday, November 12, 2014

"Kids Club" Football Picks - Week 11: November 12th

Here we are!  Into our 11th week of "Kids Club" picks and the standings really tightened up.  Let's see what the Kids Club picked, as announced on our @ditcow podcast:

Ron in NJ (21-18-1)
Utah +7.5 at Stanford
Middle Tennessee State -5 at FIU
49ers -4 at Giants
Browns -3 vs Texans

Say Hello to Ottis (19-20-1)  
Michigan State -13 at Maryland
Clemson -3.5 at Georgia Tech
Rams +10 vs Broncos
49ers -4 at Giants

Andy in Seattle (19-20-1) 
Cincinnati +2.5 vs ECU
Arizona -9 vs Washington
Packers -6 vs Eagles
Cardinals -2 vs Lions

John in CT (19-21) 
Temple +11 at Penn State
Georgia -2.5 vs Auburn
Chiefs -1 vs Seahawks
Saints -7.5 vs Bengals

In an unusual, but otherwise pointless stat, it looks like the NFL's entire NFC West was either picked for or picked against in this week's "Kids Club" picks.  I thought that was pretty cool, albeit "Shearn."  Good luck to all the picks! 

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