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The Lost Society in Full: Every Episode Ever - plus thoughts of the day: November 24th

Never eat liver and onions.   One night, about a decade ago, my sisters and I joined our grandparents at Mimi's Cafe for a meal while our parents were vacationing for their anniversary.   I was so confident that liver was so closely tied to steak that it would taste like steak, but everybody kept warning me "nooo!  Davey don't eat the liver and onions!"

The whole time I thought, "guys!  It's ok, it's part of the cow like the steak, it'll taste just like steak!"  Then I got it... holy moses it was like eating a tray full of cigarette ashes... incredibly awful.. no taste and this metallic texture... it was simply awful.  but being the dope I was I talked up this liver and onions all day so I tried to gut it out and act like it was delicious... everybody around me started laughing.  I couldn't do it.  I tried so hard to eat it and eventually I started to grab some bread rolls and stuff the liver into the bread... even *that* didn't work, it was a complete circus.  I wanted to puke.   Eventually I threw in the napkin.   I was done and everyone around me was rolling with laughter!   That was a *scene* folks.

Ever notice that orange juice and grape juice taste especially good out of a small can?  Try it sometime!  It is remarkably refreshing... wouldn't even believe it.  I went in for a blood test Monday afternoon, and I think this one wiped me out.  They took a lil more out of me than usual.  I was sweating, just completely fizzled, but the guy at the clinic offered me some juice and he said they had orange, grape, or pineapple and I was so thirsty that I asked to try both the orange and grape together.  He went for it!   I was doing the dance, in my head, the rest of me was pretty limp trying to restore movement to my right arm.  Eventually it came to and so did the juice... boy was it delicious!

One of my buddies, my neighbor, over on twitter is in Western NY, his homeland, this week.  He found his local pizzeria and put up a pic of the pizza which he *loved.*  He wrote "Dear Twitter, this is pizza."

See, that happens a lot with East Coast guys who move out here to SoCal.  They try the pizza and go "this is subpar!"  and then once in a while when they go home they tweet to the universe that East Coast places w pizza are pizza how its meant to be.   I have the same complex with Mexican food.  So much so that this chorizo and cheese burrito I had tonight really hit the spot... if I had seen that tweet earlier, I'd post a pic of the burrito and go "Dear East Coast Twitter:  THIS is a burrito."

and its true!   Would you even attempt a burrito west of the rockies?   Maybe Chipotle and a couple other places, but I'd say that's all.

I'm gonna go to In N Out later on this week and put that on twitter too.  "Dear Universe:  THIS is a burger, but nice try w/ the Shake Shack."  Heehee, I like the shake shack burger all right, but indeed, the In N Out beats it, or I'd think so.

For the record, the best pizza *is* on the East Coast.  I have been there, I have tried it, and it is true.

And you know what the best pizza of all the pizzas is?  It was re-affirmed by a good friend of mine, YOTS who spoke very highly of it when he went there this year.  It is Di Fara... a legend all in itself.  Hop on a train to Midwood, Brooklyn, and go to this lil place... nondescript as it seems:

You are NOT going to regret it, so long as you can wait for the pizza.  And only one guy makes all the pizzas!  His name is Dom.  He's quite a character as you'll see when you get there.



Ah, but that's pizza, and out here, it's burgers coffee and burritos.   Food is great all over this good land.   Wow, I almost forgot to do this...  today I present to you the complete works of my fake TV show "The Lost Society."   I wrote it, originally, over the summer while I was in Junior College, between High School, and my eventual Alma Matter at Cal Lutheran.   I've received several requests for all the episodes, and rather than leak them out little by litter, I decided to post the whole series today.

The first episode was written on my 19th Birthday, May 23, 2001.   It took place in Santa Barbara, because I wanted a show that was different from all the other ones which were set in LA or New York.  The original run spanned about 18 scripts, written in my room at our family's house.  Then I got into college stuffs and life.   I picked up the series when I moved to Santa Barbara for real and had a better idea of what the town was really like.  However, that "second season" never finished... I only made it through about three scripts.  Episode 20 was never finished!   I don't even know, reading it now, where I was going with it, but I did enjoy a couple zingers I wrote early on.  It's really too bad.  The original run was the best.   I was really enjoying the characters, ideas, and concepts I explored with the show.  I had a season story arc that I don't recall if I completed, but it was the season running story that Jenkins put a big bet on the Red Sox to win the World Series when the baseball season began and had great odds.   The Red Sox, this was April 2003 when I wrote this, were still 80+ years past their last championship.  Jenkins hit on an idea, and he almost hit it big, but my plan for that story arc was for the Red Sox to come back from a huge deficit in the standings, make a big run in the postseason and have everyone call them the "team of destiny."   Then I said, this was a great kicker, the Sox would enter the World Series against Hewitt's beloved LA Dodgers.    Not only that, but everybody in Santa Barbara would have caught on to Dodger fever.   So it would come down to Game 7, and Jenkins had probably 50 grand on the line and all his buddies around him were excited about the local Dodgers.   It'd come back to the last out with the Red Sox this close to winning, and of all people, little Alex Cora hit a grand slam to clinch the Championship for LA.  Everybody in the apartment erupts except for one, and it was the graphics designer Jenkins who was so close yet so far.  I can't remember if that storyline ever played out in the actual scripts, but I was really excited about making that a big running theme.  

It was a great show that never aired... writing it was great, but, I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH, I wrote this in a time before I was mature and learn-ed.   There is so much inappropriate material in these scripts that I'd never come close to writing this kind of fiction again, but in those days I let loose.  I hope you'll see that I've acquired much more tact and social prowess since I began the project 13 years ago.  It's a treat!  Hope you all enjoy it.   

So here it is, without further adieu, "The Lost Society" in full:

Accompanying this set is a short TV pilot I wrote called "Welcome to Project 12" based on my college experience, I wrote it about the time I entered Cal Lutheran as a transfer.

Enjoy all the reading folks.  Hope it's enjoyable for all of you.  I'll have some other stuff for you on the Daveblog soon.   Take care!

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