Friday, November 21, 2014

Mike Francesa's Week 11 NFL Picks go 2-4, now 25-19-1 this season.

With some help from Brian Monzo, Mike Zaun producer on WFAN, we got word of Mike's picks from Week 11.  I was on vacay at the time so I didn't post it that day.  Also some props are in order to Andy in Seattle for denoting Monzo's tweeting of the picks.

...yes I realize this makes one wonder why does the 'Cow bother posting these on the blog, but the payoff is in the season record, which we can compile with tangible evidence.   Anyway here are the picks Mike made:

Mike's #NFL picks: Packers -5.5, Browns -3, Saints -7, Vikings +3, Bucs +7.5, Broncos -9.5 .. #PlayForPay ..

How'd they do?   Let's recap:

Mike hit with: Packers, Bucs
Mike missed with: Browns, Saints, Vikings, Broncos

Total: 2-4

That also puts his season total at 25-19-1 for the year.   We ran through several sources, archived audio, and numerous listeners to corroborate the record as we have it now.  Mike's still doing pretty well, but we're at a point of the year where his announced record may deviate from the actual one.   but, we're coming up on 5pm Eastern, and soon he will announce his latest NFL picks to extend his season record.  Good luck to his upcoming picks later this evening!

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