Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: February 12th

I have a cold today.  I started to feel it last night and just had a bad feeling about it.  However, I don't feel bad enough to miss work so I'm at the office.  It was a good run.  I went multiple months without getting sick this time and there were moments where I anticipated getting a cold and never did.

Up next, I'd like to get through at least this morning and then head home if I need to, pile up some water, and rest.   Chicken for dinner would be a good idea.

I have a tradition for sick days.  When I have a cold or flu, as long as it's not overtly nasty, I go to John O'Groats' restaurant on Pico Blvd., near the Fox Movie Studios.   At John's I get the Chocolate Chip Pancakes, without fail, plus some coffee and sometimes bacon and eggs.   They are my favorite Chocolate Chip Pancakes anywhere!

What makes chocolate chip pancakes so good?   If you do it well, you get melty gooey goblets buried within luscious pancake batter.   These babies are thick and fluffy.. in a sense, like Kate Upton's breasts.


Anyway, some quick observations as I continue to recuperate:

Ramen and Pork Chops are great!   You'd be surprised how good that combo is.   I got the pork chops without the bone in it, so they may have a different technical title but I'm a big fan.

Pitchers and Catchers report today in baseball.  Yay?

Wrestling to be removed from the Olympics.  That seems a little off to me, but I'm conflicted.  On the one hand, it's a legacy sport and it's been around since the first of the "Modern Games" in 1896.  On the other hand I have not watched a single wrestling Olympic match in my life.  I wouldn't even know it was going on if we didn't hear occasional news reports about it.

So... I don't know what to think.  I should mention that if they're going to put sports like badminton and archery into the Olympics, and if they think recreational sports like Tennis and Golf are good enough for Olympic competition, I don't see why there's not enough room for wrestling.

I spoke about this once before but a "consolation NBA Finals" would at least provide some entertainment while LeBron annihilates the Western Conference Team in the real NBA Finals.  Schedule the consolation Finals games during the off days of the regular NBA Finals games.  THEN, offer a 2-5 million dollar prize for the winning team.  Maybe more, I am not familiar with NBA salaries across the board.

Why are we still talking about Joe Paterno?  Bogus.

There's no commercial I hate more than that 5 Hour Energy commercial showcasing some talentless hack meat-head talking about all the inane things he does thanks to his 5 Hour Energy.   Then when he shows himself off doing his "debut album" with autotune, that makes me lose it.  That's when I want to reach through the TV and strangle him.  That's not singing!  And you needed 5 Hour Energy to do that trash?

I think it's painfully clear the Clippers are not going to do anything serious in the NBA playoffs this year.  They need to learn how to win when the game slows down, and with a coach like Vinny Del Negro, no chance.

I don't know, fellas, how can anyone take a team named the "Clippers" seriously?  For years I didn't even know what a "Clipper" was, only to find out it's a quiet harmless sailboat.  Hardly an intimidating mascot.

Just think... could we see a day when the Clippers face the New Orleans Pelicans for the Western Conference Championship?  First one to win gets the bread pieces!

Happy Mardi Gras today... it sounds like an exciting name but all it means is "Fat Tuesday" in French.  The excitement in the process, however, is electric!

--too bad it's followed by the very somber "Ash Wednesday" afterward.  Bazinga!   Til tomorrow my friends...

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