Monday, February 18, 2013

Dave's Thoughts of the Day for NON LAKER FANS: February 19th

I need to compose an additional entry for today's Dave-blog so as not to render the blog unreadable.  Anyone who was not a Lakers fan would probably be fed up otherwise, haha.

I had a lot to say, and Dr. Buss was just a legend.  I'll miss him greatly as has already been said.


Philly West was my dinner choice last night.   I was more disappointed this time out.  Let me explain:  I went after the Philly Cheesesteak.....  and........ it was the puniest cheesesteak I've seen since going to some ballparks.  I mean for goodness sake, are you sure this wasn't a set of cheesesteak sliders?   This thing was puny.   Odd too, because while it was quite good, it wasn't beefy enough.  Secondly, they didn't put enough sauce in it for anyone to notice it had sauce.

Truth be told, I was more satisfied with the burger they served there, probably because it was bigger and juicier too.

Staying with Philly West over in Westwood, I got the lady bartender last night.  She seems pretty attractive and all but her fake smile was not doing it for me.  On paper she did everything you wanted: got the order right, asked if you needed ketchup/serving materials, said thank you, but that fake smile was a joke!  She seemed like you were getting in the way of whatever else she was doing.  Somebody put on a Ducks hockey game while I stopped by too which I still can't figure out.  Who goes out of their way to watch the Ducks?!

Anyway, the lady in question is the textbook example of "Fake Kindness" in LA.   Or is it "real Philly Douchebaggery?"   You know?   It's probably a little of both.  If I see her again I'll ask her, if she can handle being inconvenienced by my business, whether she's from Philly. 

I can't recall whether this was brought up before but I did commit to the DVD project this weekend at my parents' house and it went pretty smoothly this time.  There's no avoiding the time commitment but the process went well.  I'm very satisfied with the completed videos.  If you want to, message me and I could perhaps post some examples on YouTube.   Nothing fancy, just some good editing, titles and a musical montage at the end.

It finally happened.  After trying to figure out Directv's bogus pricing, I cut them off.................. kind of!   I called them and asked to cancel, and after a long negotiation I was offered the option of *suspending* the account.  I thought -- brilliant!   I can finally free myself of the burden of paying 80 bucks a month for 150 channels I don't watch (and five I do watch), but open myself up to restoring service right in time for football season.  It's like ducks migrating for the winter.   Then they come back and it's right where you left off.  The best news of all is that my DVR contents stay in tact.  I can go back to the DVR and re-watch any of the big Kings playoff games I left on the DVR, plus two Super Bowl Games.  Do the dance!

I'm sad somewhat because this will keep me from following the Lakers, Kings, and Dodgers on a daily basis, but I can make up for most of this with internet streaming and a possible account.  Fortunately I'll still get one or two Dodgers games a week on over the air TV.  Lakers season is done anyway.  The one I'll really miss is the Kings.  I may be heading back to the Penalty Box a few times this year.

Calculating the savings, that's 80 dollars a month over six months or 480 bones that will now go into my hands.  This is big news indeed, and perhaps an opportunity to finally save some serious money.

I wonder what I can do with all this newly found free time?  I had a minor fantasy of moonlighting as an In-N-Out cook, but I don't know if the hours will work for me.  Free food, I get to slam some bitchin' hamburgers, and maybe even sneak in a shake.  I will gain 50 pounds from that job easily.

If only I was better at piano, I could go around town trying to play the "Story of a Plumber" song and some other hit standards.

I suppose I could get a crack at "holding the sign" guy.  I don't want to get that desperate though.

Speaking of signs and restaurants and that thing... I thought of getting sponsors for the Dave podcast.   Wendy's would be my favorite choice.   I would read live ads for them for *free.*  If they paid, I would be all in.  They wouldn't even have to offer that much.. maybe 50 bucks a month to help me sponsor the podcast and pay the monthly blogtalkradio fees.  I can give them a call soon to see what they can do.  Fingers crossed.

Are commercials on a blogtalkradio podcast legal?  I haven't deduced this yet, but I hope so.

In case you were wondering, noooo, I would not attempt to be a gigolo.   It sounds great: oh I get to be paid to have sex, but it's just weird.  I'm sure many here would agree.

One other side job I thought could be fun: P.A. announcer at local games.  I don't know if it's a paying job but I'd be more than happy to pitch in.

That's all I have for now.  Hope your weekend was great!  Catch you soon.

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