Friday, February 15, 2013

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: February 15th

It's been a while since I saw anyone play basketball as well as the Heat are playing right now.  Speed kills, man, and so does LeBron.  Incredible.

I'm not going to be a dope and proclaim them literally invincible.  This is a team on a roll but they're not flaw-less.   First of all, what happens if you hold them to a half court game?   What happens if you just start killing it from outside on the other end?   For now, the Heat are on a level of their own!

Anyone see video of the meterorite that fell in Russia last night?  Holy cow!!  That was eerie... the thing falls and fortunately nobody was seriously hurt but the report is that 500 people were injured in the boonies of Russia.   How is this not getting more attention?!  That is crazy!

Sending my best to the Buss family.   I also saw a headline that Dr. Jerry Buss was admitted to Cedar-Sinai for an unspecified form of cancer.   Dr. Buss is getting up there... I hope he comes out all right.

Last night was THE WORST traffic I have seen in a long long time.  It might be the worst traffic night of the year.  ALL I WANTED TO DO WAS GET A SANDWICH.

I'm still fighting the cold, and I hoped to stop by Bay Cities to get a Godmother Italian Hoagie (Hero).   I know Thursday traffic is bad, but this was ridiculous.  Usually once you hit west of the 405 freeway it's fine, but no!  I'm driving down these streets and not even Colorado and Broadway were free of cars.   What the HELL man?  

I go and get the sandwich, no problems there, but then spend 40 minutes getting home.   It *never* takes 40 minutes to get from Lincoln to Barrington.  I  mean seriously, what happened?!

I feel bad for all the lovers out there who tried to get home or to restaurants for a Valentine's Day dinner last night.  It was impossible.  I bet everyone was late.   My sympathies to the Westside.

The sliver lining is that the sandwich was amazing.  The Godmother is on another level with sandwiches... just as the Heat are on another level with basketball.   I always get mine with the spicy peppers.  

I'm about to cancel DIRECTV soon.   Very soon, in fact.   Each night I've tried to record more and more DVR'd games onto my computer.  Once that's done it's over.   So, last night, to prepare myself for life without cable/satellite: I put on CBS from the Antenna.   You know what?   The picture quality direct from the TV Station is an order of magnitude better than what you get on Directv or Cable.   HD broadcasts are at full bitrate and resolution from the stations themselves.. and watching "Big Bang" was a real treat.  I can't rewind it or record it, but it is visually quite stimulating.

I may get Cable soon, but Directv is just too expensive right now.  For now I'd like to ride it out with just the internet.   I'll be getting as I do every season so I should be all right.

In fact, I realized that I wouldn't even be missing out on the Dodgers that much.  Each week they get one game on KCAL 9 and another one on Fox.   If I miss the Dodgers enough, I could go to a friends house to watch the game, or to a bar, or just go to Dodger Stadium.

So!  I hope you all have plans for the big weekend.   Be careful out there, and hope all is well.   See you all next week.

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