Friday, February 1, 2013

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: February 1st

I apologize for the tardiness of todays entry.  Nothing huge today but a few quickies:

Here's to a Super Bowl game be full of promise.
May it be freed of bogus officiating
May there be a good halftime show
Let there be a deserving winner, and not one who lucks out.
I hope for the best for all players.

I think that's it.   I look forward to the game like I haven't looked forward to a game in quite some time.

I used to, and probably still do, gripe about the Super Bowl being on the same weekend as my Grandmother's birthday.  Perhaps that's mean?  But my thing is, it's tough to travel to her party and then travel back to wherever I'm seeing the Super Bowl the next day.  I'd rather dedicate one weekend to her and the next one to the Super Bowl.   The way it's set up now, I can only put half as much dedication into either, but we work it out.

My Grandmother may not have a lot of years left, and every chance we can, it's good to celebrate good moments with her.  For that reason, I never let that happenstance bother me much.  After all, no matter what, the Super Bowl is just a game.   Family is more important.

In the past, they'd try to stage a celebration on the SAME DAY.  Now that was brutal.   I remember Super Bowl XLIII between Pit and Arizona.  My own team was in it, and nobody was watching the game because there was music and relatives and carousing and giant celebrations for my Grandma on my Dad's side in my Aunts House in Palmdale, so the game would be on in the living room, and everyone else would be in the Garage with the loud music and the food and streamers.

I also remember, and I don't recall what point of the game it was, but I think it was the second half, but the family was rolling out the Happy Birthday song and someone came in to grab me to go sing with them.  Now imagine how tough a spot this is:  your favorite team is putting together a big drive down the field and people want you to come out to sing happy birthday?

I think I still went out there, but then darted back to the TV to watch the rest of the game. 

Then, the SAME THING happened the year after when they had the Saints/Colts Super Bowl.   This one was particularly frustrating because one of my uncles had a 26 minute birthday video montage to present to everybody.    They put it on in the middle of the game!   I also remember that they refusesd to put on the game audio for most of the game.  It was a mess.  Eventually, after I begged and pleaded, the family let us watch the rest of the game unfettered, and I think it was the 4th quarter by then.

Since that day I have made it a point to urge family not to do any kind of birthday parties on the same day as the Super Bowl.  If it was my own birthday, I'd ask for the same thing, or to just forget my birthday altogether.  Over time we developed a compromise to do the birthday party on Saturday and the Super Bowl Game on Sunday.  Thankfully, my relatives are not unsympathetic to NFL Football.

I think it's only fair.  Back in the day when I was a kid, my whole family would wake me up at 2am in the morning to watch World Cup games. 

Haha, those were crazy times my friends.   This year, I think it will be a good weekend.   Busy day tomorrow.  In fact, my Dad is going to join his friends in a 5K race at Dodger Stadium.  How cool is that?  We'll get to see him finish and then watch some of the ongoing new stadium construction.  Very exciting!   Likewise, we'll go to one of my Aunt's houses in L.A. for my Grandmother's birthday.  Afterward, I'll return to Oxnard, and join my Pop and friends for a Super Bowl Party on Sunday at the Tower Club, an upscale lounge at the top floor of the Financial Plaza tower in Oxnard.  It happens to be the tallest building between Los Angeles and San Francisco if memory serves.

It's a bit of an odd place to watch a Super Bowl.   Imagine many groups of Judge Smailses, I guess?  That's my impression of the place.  Hopefully it won't be as pretentious as I think, but watching the Super Bowl at even Oxnard's most exclusive club is intriguing.  Best part is:  I won't have to prep any snacks or cook or any of that!  Haha...

I hope it's a Super Weekend, and Baltimore and San Francisco have got to hold up their end of the bargain.  A dud game would be such a buzzkill but I'm hoping for the best!

Now for the Super Bowl Prediction... all right here we go...

Tune in tonight!!  You'll hear it on tonight's "Dave in the City" podcast between 10:50 and 11pm Eastern.   Can't wait to bring it to you all.  Here's the link:

Happy Super Bowl everyone!  Hope it's a good weekend for all ofyou.

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