Thursday, February 28, 2013

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: February 28th

First of all, I want to apologize to my podcast audience for the LA Tourist reference on the podcast during "Random Questions."  I was trying to illustrate how sketchy Downtown LA is, but it was in bad taste.  

Aside from that, what a great podcast we had last night!   The podcast is at and my buddy "A Couple Quickies" was phenomenal.   Mike in North NJ was phenomenal!   The Junk Man: phenomenal.

I really hope Junkie gets to go to that meetup at Mohegan Sun.  Imagine how thrilled our colleagues will be to see him?

It might be time to de-scale my Keurig machine.  I'm about a year overdue.  My coffee is starting to taste like rocks... yes, I think it's about time, haha.

Oh man, crazy story getting up to the office this morning.  I'm going up the stairwell in the building and a lady behind me says hello.  I thought "who is this attractive cougar saying hi to me?"   Then I turned around and it was my new MSO upstairs.  Would you believe it??  

She's very nice.  Very tall too, I believe she's Russian.  In all honesty she's not an actual "cougar" but I wasn't paying attention at the time so I thought she was some stranger hitting on me... but no, she's my manager, just doing her duty.

I believe tomorrow will be the day I begin my smog inspection/repair.  I'll bring the car into the shop near my apartment and cross my fingers.  I'm just waiting for an 800 dollar estimate.  I'm telling you, this is going to end the life of my car.  I will *not* pay 800 bones to make smog adjustments.

Yesterday, the highlight of my day was getting Oreo cookies.  When the highlight of your whole workday is Oreos, that's not a good day.

It was brutal... that afternoon.   A huge name in Art was doing a presentation, and I did everything I could to set up the projector and computer properly, and *then* after I left I get a phone call from one of my professors:  They don't have a microphone.  Oi!!!!   That wasn't my fault!  Microphones are usually reserved through our Administrative unit and AVS.    That was frustrating... you'll have days like that where you do everything right and the project still fails because of an issue out of your control.

What do you do when you have a bad day like that?   I've had mechanisms to counteract bad days or depressing moments in the past.  The podcast I do each week is honestly a very good mechanism after bad days.  Bad *podcasts* however are especially brutal.  Those happen extremely rarely but when you're into one, you know.    I think we're over a year since the last such podcast, thankfully.

What do you get when every show is a bad show?  "Three Wise Men" on TV 34 Montclair.

I gotta say, the apples I got at Ralphs this week are amazing!  They're pretty big Red Delicious apples... they have a little lighter taste to them but they are so fresh and juicy.   Really good!  Not mushy at all.  Mad props to Ralphs.

In Los Angeles, TV 34 is KMEX, the Spanish Language station and Univision affiliate.  My family, specifically on my Dad's side with the relatives, grew up with that station.   It's a little weird though because they outsource seemingly 90% of their programming from Mexico's Televisa TV network.   The other 10% is Primer Impacto, Sabado Gigante, Cristina, and I think Despierta America.

They also have/used to have (I haven't checked) this show called "El Gordo y La Flaca."  You know what?  That show is hilarious!  It's an entertainment/gab show featuring, well, a really skinny lady and a *HUGE* man.   Then like, half way into the show, some random girl in a thong joins the fat dude in the hot tub.     This is every show!

All right folks, now I'm pumped up.  In fact the Honda Classic starts today!  I got torched pretty well last night by my buddy Mike for not staying up to speed on McIlroy.   The dude, meaning McIlroy, needs to get with the program.   He has all this talent and then goes into swoons every year.  Will you please??   You're too young to be doing this!

A good day's ahead.   My sympathies to all the listeners of WFAN and the upcoming Franceser and Sweeny Program.  Ouch.   Any takers for Felger and Maz?  Mason and Ireland?

That's all from here, see you tomorrow!

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