Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: February 26th

We have our new bracket tournament for 2013.  This year we're doing Fast Food Restaurants.  Here's a link to the brackets themselves:  https://dl.dropbox.com/u/3314585/fast-food-restaurants-bracket-2013.htm

The PDF version is here: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/3314585/fast-food-restaurants-bracket-2013.pdf

Enjoy!  We'll open up voting soon at themikefrancesa.com.  Once I have it all set up, voting for each round will close on Saturday of that week.

Onward fellas...

I was watching NFL clips on YouTube last night and by chance I saw the 1986 Monday Night Football opener.   Frank Gifford and..... Al Michaels.  This was Michaels' first MNF regular season game, and to date he has continued covering the prime time showcase game, both MNF and today's Sunday Night Football.   On that night the Giants played the Cowboys at Dallas.  Now how crazy would it be if Michaels' final Sunday Night Football game was also Giants at Cowboys?

You'd think the odds for that were long but let's be fair, the Giants play the Cowboys every other week on SNF, so probably not.

Smog Check update:   The Smog Test failed yesterday.  I'm really worried.  I will have to take the car into a Smog Inspection Repair station which, thankfully, is only about three blocks from where my apartment is.  However, the odds are pretty good the Catalytic Converter is fried.   The *part* for a new Cat Converter is 200 bones.   Just the part!  If they deem that as a necessary replacement I might throw in the towel and get a new car.

It felt like a funeral last night when I got home.  I don't want to leave my 1994 Camry.   The Camry and I have been through a lot together... college... Santa Barbara... impromptu trips to San Francisco.  Wild times.   I never had a pet, but the Camry comes pretty close to an all time great pet.   The Camry was loyal, dependable, and always there for me.   Pretty much nothing else in life was as good as my car.  The test failure was because of the unbelievably high HC levels.  I think the average is like 42... (at 15 mph).   Max is 84... my car rated HCs at 140 ppm, oi.

If this is the end, farewell Camry.   It was a great ride.

Now if you want to talk about something that ran out of gas, that was the Lakers last night in Denver.   119-108 Denver, your final score.   It was as predictable a game as I've seen this year.   The Lake Show was playing a game on back to back nights.  The only reason I bring this up, as I didn't see the game, is because I really pondered putting every dollar I had on Nuggets -7.5.  Damn... I would have *nailed* that bet wouldn't I have?

What if I don't have a car for the next two months?  This is really getting dicey now:  no cable/satellite and no car.   This would be less of a problem if I lived in basically *any other metropolitan area in the world other than Los Angeles.*  Effectively, places with better public transportation.  It's improving but LA still has a long way to go.

By the way, I'm feeling pretty good about the no Satellite deal so far.   I looked at my latest credit card statement and it's incredibly lower than usual.    Couple that with the increased number of bones in the bank account and we are stylin' my friends.

I want to give an atta boy to everyone who has been keeping up with NFL Combine coverage.  Only the NFL... you have a bunch of guys in tight t-shirts running up and down a straight line and this gets ratings.  If any other sport tried that, like the NBA draft prospects layup drills show or something, nobody would watch.

Jennifer Lawrence... I think I got the name right... everyone's favorite anyone?   She seems like a girl you could find out on the street in any town.  That is a *cool* thing my friends.  In a sense, the "Happy Gilmour" of acting.   I'm rooting for her too fellas.

I think that's all I got.  Have a good one everybody!

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