Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: February 21st

Fellas... Happy Thursday!

Last night on the podcast I brought up my first sporting event, meaning the first one I can remember seeing.   I still think it was a Blazers/Lakers game at the Forum.

After the podcast, I tried to look up the game, and I believe I have it:

My Dad also took some pictures at the game all those years ago and they have a date on them.  1987 was definitely the year and it seems like I remember a "3" and a "12" in there.   The only problem: the game *never* went to overtime!  I kept insisting that it did, ah well my bad.

Last night's Lakers game was a good win over the Celtics.   I agree with the radio broadcasters: if the Lakers couldn't win a game after Kobe's moving tribute to Dr. Buss to start the game, the Lakers may as well have be a bunch of corpses out there!

The Kings won their hockey game too!  Do the dance!  Finally, the Kings are above .500.

I still can't get over how much Kansas is clinging to their basketball season by a thread.  Geez louise, having to go to double-OT to beat Ok. State.  Ok. State is pretty good though, I'll give them that.

Do people *really* dress like monkeys in New York City?   It wasn't cold nor damp when I was there.   I got "Humid" and "sweltering."  NY was a good time, either way.   NY is the boom... Randy Newman doesn't know what he was talking about.

But I do looooooooooooooooove LA.   I don't know... we get kicked around a lot, and two British tourists thought they'd pull a fast one staying at some shady downtown hotel for cheap dollars.  They thought wrong, my friends:

It's a bad black eye for LA, but you really can't expect a whole lot for 65 bones a night.   Hell, for barely 30 bucks more they could have stayed at the Four-Star LAX Sheraton.   TripAdvisor **really** failed our good British Friends.  Terrible job on their part.

and I don't even want to know how a poor Canadian tourist can go from getting into an elevator to dead inside a water tank at a sketchy hotel.

Fortunately LA is laid out in pockets... because if you were to aggregate all of our neighborhoods into  one tabulation, I would rate it as the most dangerous big city in America.   Chicago seems to be coming on its heels, though.

Bottom line: be careful.   Usually you can tell when you're in a bad part of town.   Don't hang around anywhere that looks suspect.  I don't even trust Hollywood half the time.   Once I'm done with whatever show or event is going on, I'm out!  Haha...

I remember when I first went to New York in 2008 and I still had images of old shows and movies I saw based in New York with muggings and thuggery.. I stepped into Manhattan and kept my hands on my pockets as I came up onto the sidewalk.

Eventually I settled down and did OK.  The second time I went to NY, last year, I came up onto the sidewalk from Penn and seeing the majesty of Manhattan's buildings was awe-inspiring.

Spicy Hot Dogs... now how good does that sound to you?   I've heard of these things called "red hots."  Are they hot as in spicy or just merely temperature hot?   Is the "Red" in a red hot referring to the color or the concept of it being "Red-Hot" i.e. really warm?

Later in life I learned the concept of a girl who was hot.  But she was neither temperature hot nor spicy to the tongue.

A hot girl eating a red hot.  Now THAT is a date I would love to try!

Imagine a red-hot that would put you out ice-cold?

Ok I think I'm losing my marbles now... Trade deadline forthcoming... but Howard will have no part of it, oi.  Howard had a good game last night, but  he's still a joker in my eyes.

Til next time my friends!

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