Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: February 20th

A late start to this day's blog.  Man it is COLD outside!  41 degrees.  For us in L.A. that is frigid!

Time to thaw out and get into what's on my mind...

I think Mitch Kupchak is making a mistake.  I think everybody knows Dwight Howard is gone this offseason one way or another.   Yet, he has boldly announced he won't trade Howard at the trade deadline.   What's the alternative here... he walks?!  Go figure.

Howard is not about winning, and sadly it took me until this year to figure out that even a winning culture could not convince him to win.   You know how lame Howard is from this standpoint?  He had to be *convinced* to join the Lakers.  Who has to be CONVINCED to join the Lakers???    LeBron would *love* to be on the Lakers if the money was there for him.   Shaq gets a huge deal and he goes "where do I sign?"   Even jokers like then-Ron Artest were hot to trot.  These guys are winners.

Howard is hurt, make no mistake.  I won't ignore that or not take it into consideration.  However, even at that, he could have a much better attitude about his situation.   If you were to go back into the blog archives, it will be clear folks like me were lukewarm on the move.  We knew his act, although we could not deny his talent.  WELL without the talent really doing much in the Lakers' system now we're left with his antics.  It's a shame... but I won't bemoan Howard's jokester mentality... it's simply a bad fit for the team he's on now.  So.. I suppose we have him for another three months.   Let's see it play out.

What a freaking good game last night in the Big Ten.   Indiana and Victor Oladipo and Cody Zeller took down Tom Izzo's Michigan State Spartans last night.  It's the first win for Indiana at E. Lansing since 1991.  That's a wow.  Who knows how long Indiana's run lasts, but either way they had a HUGE win last night.

Ramen noodles again last night.  It was a complicated situation yesterday because I had bigger ideas for dinner only to be superseded by an offer to get BBQ Chicken lunch by my work colleagues.   It's a chicken delivery place near UCLA that serves Korean Fried Chicken.   Often we get the fried chicken strips there.  Let me tell you guys:  they're very good!   The name "BBQ Chicken" doesn't make sense. When I passed by it the first time I thought "I'm not in the mood for barbecue chicken right now, maybe later."  BUT, the name "BBQ Chicken" stands for "Best of the Best Quality Chicken" in this case.  I know, strange.  The chicken however, delicious.  They use Olive Oil to fry everything.

I tweeted an odd coincidence last night.  The zip code of my alma matter CLU is 91360.  The zip code of my first employer, UCSB, is 93106.   The coincidence is that both zip codes use the exact same numbers: 0, 1, 3, 6, and 9, although in different sequences.   Imagine that?

That paragraph was supposed to set up another coincidence I thought up, but I just forgot it!  Oi.

Is Josh Smith a max contract player to you?   I swear to Funtime, NBA Players are grossly overpaid.

So are MLB players for that matter.  Nobody gets paid more money to do less than fat out of shape baseball players who drink all night and play golf during the day.  Give me a break... what a racket.

...I had dreams of being a baseball player once.

Breakfast Burritos... are they a good breakfast?  I say yes!   The key is the ingredients, but my feeling is that they have to have eggs and some meat.    Very basic requirements.  I used to think they were supposed to have potatoes in them but not so!  That's more of an option.   Eggs/Chorizo and Eggs/Bacon are stellar choices.

Apple products lately have been a big fail with QC.   With each year there are more bugs and failing parts... perhaps there *is* a price to be paid for all that fancy aesthetic and hipster marketing, ahhhh??

I think that's all I have for the moment.  Enjoy your morning everyone!

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