Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: February 13th

I'm writing this entry early in light of my ongoing fight with a cold.   Hasn't been a good cold, and I was wiped out most of Tuesday night.

You know it's bad when you're asleep from 4pm til 8.   I took some theraflu in the middle which really knocked me out.

I sent a text message to the Junk Man about how the IOC cancelled wrestling from the Olympics and his response was, "Cool.  What are they going to replace it with?"

So far, the only people who I have seen outraged by this decision are former wrestlers, for whatever it's worth.

I also said of the Olympics, "If they're going to cancel out a sport, I would happily volunteer Beach Volleyball."

When you get a cold, all you really want to do is lie down.  Sometimes you want to eat.   I will try to do that as much as possible the rest of the week.

Poor Kentucky Basketball... poor, poor Kentucy.  Ok, not really.

Pizza and chicken were my meals yesterday.  Good combo but the pizza may have been overkill.  I enjoyed it though. 

People have been talking about how great the Devils are playing to start the hockey season.  Good thing for the Devs that it's a shortened season.   Those hot starts are scary though because if a team hits adversity, they'll be so unfamiliar with the losses that they may lead to more losses, but that's just a measure of hypotheticals.  No one would truly know what to expect from the Devils once they get punched in the mouth.

I made it official:  I will now become an anti-Nationals and anti-Blue Jays fan this season.  That seems so very mean, but the overwhelming hype from Buster Olney *alone* for the Nats is annoying.  Go back to your milk farm and calm down, would you please?!  I rather enjoy Olney's writing but his Nationals tangent got so old, like curds and whey.

As for the Jays... I'm tired of everyone hyping up that team year after year.   Now that they finally have he talent to earn that hype I'm waiting to see when the next shoe drops.  I'm still not convinced they can actually win a division.  It will be their first in 20 years, if it happens.

I remember someone saying once that people would eat curds in a bowl with something.   Really, that does not sound appetizing.  How would one describe curds?  Akin to cheese perhaps?  As in, an unprocessed raw cheese without the saltiness?  Usually when solid things form within an animal's liquid we consider it mold or junk, but with cows, we decided these are edible products.  As Calvin once observed in "Calvin and Hobbes": who was the guy that made the epiphany that we should yak the fluid out of a cow's teat and suck on it?   What would have happened to bring a man to that conclusion?

Thankfully it worked out, but it is otherwise very unusual.

I think that's all for now.  Short entry today but hope the rest of you are in good spirits.  See you all tomorrow.

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