Sunday, February 24, 2013

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: February 25th

I could be in huuuuuuuuuuge trouble.

I was loafing on my DMV Car Renewal because I said "I have all the way until the 26th."  So I went online last night to pay only to find out they're making me get my smog test *first* before I get to pay the fees online.  Oh da pain.

Why did I punt on doing a smog check earlier???  Now I would be forced to either go during lunch time or some other weird business.  I had a great chance at it on Saturday morning, and instead I was preoccupied with finding new wiper blades.  Dumb.

I did, however, get an oil change, so good news there.  I am such a moron.  The good news is, my nearest smog check station is really close to my home... barely 3 blocks away.

At least I had a good pizza last night from Lamonicas.   Consolation.   The only issue is that the crust was not crispy enough, oiiiii...

Seth McRipoff hosting an Oscars Telecast... oi.

Was that harsh?  Ok, "ripoff" might be strong, but considering many Family Guy episodes rip off Simpsons' plotlines, it gets close.

Ian Poulter getting done in by wind at the WGC Match Play tournament.  Oi.

The Chicago Bulls against the Heat and Thunder on the same weekend.  Oi.

Matt Kuchar winning the WGC Match Play tournament?   Do the dance!   I was so happy for Kooch.  Came so close a year ago only to lose to Hunter Mahan.  This year, sweet revenge.

Odds of Kooch winning the Honda Classic next week?  Very low, assuming he plays.  But if he does AND he wins, I'm going to send a chicken to Mike in North Jersey.  I'll be pumped up.

Speaking of "chicken" I bet my work colleague is feeling confident about his chicken meal playoffs bet with me after the Lakers came up huge this weekend.  Not only fighting off Portland but Dallas too, all working to get that 8th seed along with the Lakers.    No negativity this time, LAL showed stones.  Howard was beasting these last two games.   Even so, it's a little outrageous to expect this for another 10-15 games.  Case in point: Denver.  The Lakers must be so worn out after back to back emotional wins.   Usually in that spot, they get pounced by the Nuggets... and in a back to back situation, it'd be almost impossible... but to the Lake Show, best of luck!

The LA Kings are above .500!  Would you believe it?   I think they may have a game coming up tonight, but on Wednesday a huge showdown with Detroit at Staples.   Could get juicy.

Nothing beats a juicy chicken, and on Saturday night, I was with my family celebrating my Grandparents' 54th wedding anniversary.   We were at this Mediterranean restaurant called "Fresco II."  Now get this:  they have two restaurants named Fresco II... the one in the Marina by Oxnard and their first location in Palmdale.  Why are BOTH of these restaurants called "Fresco II?"   If they're both Fresco II........... then what happened to Fresco I??

I digress... at Fresco II v. 2.0, which would more sensibly be called Fresco III but I don't make the rules, I got the Greek Chicken... and my goodness was this thing huge.  It was listed as half a chicken but it sure felt like the whole thing to me.  So juicy, so good, and served with steamed veggies and a delicious garlic mash.   That's a plateful of heaven, folks.

'twas a good time, and I'm really happy for my Grandparents.  They really have a good level of trust for each other.  

Oscar talk?  Meh, there are plenty of other blogs for that.  I would be a horrendous authority on motion pictures anyway.  I saw a grand total of 3 films all of last *year.*   Despite that, I'll once again announce the Oscar winners on our next podcast, as we have done every year.  Usually I get another guest on to break down the show.  Volunteers? 

Barbara Streisand ruined whatever enjoyment of the telecast I had last night.   I mean who else in the universe can take over a memoriam of dead entertainment figures and turn it into her own personal showcase?   It's not often you see someone upstage a DEAD guy like poor Marvin Hamlisch (R.I.P.).  Gee whiz.

I think that's all I've got today before Streisand hacks the blog and does some number about Stars being born.   You thought other people hijacked the program in their day?!

The South Park people had it right.  Dave out.  Catch you all tomorrow!

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