Thursday, February 7, 2013

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: February 7th

I knew I forgot something...  All morning I was chilling at the office bumping along with my usual routine and I thought the whole time "something's missing."  Then I realized it: I forgot to write my blog entry.

Well!  Let's talk donuts.   I can't let it go... how can any place charge $2.50 for a donut.  I even go to gourmet donut places in Los Angeles like Stan's in Westwood Village and they only charge a buck for a regular donut.  It doesn't add up.  So what if they're bigger?  They're still ordinary donuts.

The place I speak of: Doughnut Plant in New York City.  I went out there last May for a donut, and it was a good donut to be sure, but  it was still just a normal, round donut with the hole in it.    Come on now... $2.50?   It's a donut!   It wasn't even a special donut or a twistie, a filled one, or some kind of pretzel shaped pastry.

I don't know, folks.   When it comes to donuts, I can't think of much you can do to make them very expensive.   Other than the larger twists/filled/specialty ones.  But ordinary ring like donuts... donuts are donuts.

FREE FREE FREEEeeeeeeeeee!  TAX!!  I love this radio commercial for some strange reason.

What would you say is the worst radio commercial you ever heard?  To me, so far, I have to give the award to the Kars 4 Kids.  Cheaply produced, inane, dreadful, and unconvincing.   In fact, they say that K4K is a giant scam anyway.  

One of my favorites, well, there are quite a lot, but I used to like the old commercials for Snow Summit out here in California.  This guy with a big voice would tease the opening of Snow Summit, and he'd go "Snow Summit is open, Snow Summit is open..."

Sport Chalet commercials are great because of the jingle at the end: "Sport Chaleeeeeeeeeeeet, we'll take you to the limit!"  With the power anthem guitar at the end?  So good.

More recent commercials I've enjoyed include the "Mavis Discount Tire" commercial.  I love that jingle:  "Ma-vis... Discount Tire.  America's Discount Tire Store!"

One of the most hilarious radio spots ever, which I never *heard* on the radio, was the commercial for Corn Nuts.  The chorus would go "Bust a nut, bust a nut, grab a bag of Corn-Nuts and bust a nut!"  It was full of hundreds of mastrubating double entendres..   I heard it online once via mp3 that someone sent me.  Anyway, here it is:

--Now I wonder if it was a real commercial.

Over the years there are more commercials I can remember being fond of than not liking.  Perhaps its the good fortune of living in Southern California where songwriting is a big industry?   I pop on WFAN in New York all the time, and the commercials out there are just so bad.  Granted, the Mavis commercial is a NY commercial.

Just make sure that whatever you do, do not let anything stick to your colon walls like spackle or paste.

Didn't have much on my mind today but more to come tomorrow.  Have a good morning, everyone.

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