Monday, February 4, 2013

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: February 4th

First of all, congratulations to the Baltimore Ravens for winning the Super Bowl this year.   I tell you, that was the wildest Super Bowl I've ever seen!   First the Ravens embarrass the Niners in the first half, then a pretty damn good Half Time Show with Beyonce and a little bit of Destiny's Child.   Then a new record for longest kickoff return (Jacoby Jones), THEN a power outage, then an unbelievable comeback for the 49ers, and lastly a good defensive stand by the Ravens aided by some bonehead coaching decisions by 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh.

Just how we drew it up!

With the win, my Super Bowl Predictions streak now stands at an unprecedented FIVE years.  Honestly, I'm shocked.  I've never gotten anything right five years in a row:  not stocks, not the NBA Finals, not my Oscars Best Picture Prediction, nothing.   To get the Super Bowl right for this long is just incredible.  I love it... I'm glad to know that I went so long with a correct prediction.  I mean this thing is a fluke!  You guys know how bad I am with predictions.  How does it keep happening?

To be honest, I don't want to write a whole lot about the game because there's nothing I could really write that hasn't been written already.  You know what I mean?  All I'm going to say is two things:

1. Flacco is now a big time quarterback.   I bagged on him for years and he keeps proving me wrong, but this year, above all others, he took it to another level.  It reminds me of Eli Manning's ascension to the upper echelon of quarterbacks.  If you win the big game and play well during the game, you become a very special brand of QB.  End of story.

2. Jim Harbaugh got exposed.  I think for many of us who follow the NFL closely we saw this already but on a National Stage it became crystal clear that his hype is just a LITTLE overblown.  This isn't to say he sucks, or he's overrated per se..... actually yes this IS to say he's overrated.  He is VERY overrated.   Every time they get in position to take charge or come back the man bottles up.  Look at the play they did on fourth down.  A fade???  Really?!  Why was it beyond their comprehension to run the ball a couple of times with a whopping two minutes left.  How'd they wind up having to use those timeouts and nearly encumber a Delay of Game Penalty?   Harbaugh got outcoached by the other Harbaugh.

Now I hope my buddies Andrew and Jacob don't read this... it will either make them cry or they'll slice off my head, oh baby.

Super Bowl Commercials.   Every year somebody or a bunch of people claim "THESE COMMERCIALS SUCKED THIS YEAR" or some jazz.   You think these commercials suck, you should have seen the commercials back in 2000 for Super Bowl XXXIV.  That was the all time worst year of Super Bowl Commercials.  Dot Com companies with no clue how to market to average joes falling into money, then financing some of the worst commercials ever.  Not just for the Super Bowl, but for all of television.  It was awful.

At the end of the day, any sequence of commercials is still a bunch of commercials.  The aim is to sell a product.  I prefer not to put so much emphasis or expectation on a bunch of dopey ads.  In fact, I went to the bathroom to take a leak during several of those commercial breaks.

Macroscopically, I thought the commercials this year were all right.  Some highlights, some lowlights, some awkwardness.  The Taco Bell old dudes commercial going HAM on college like activities was pretty hilarious.  There were a couple others that were good, although I can't remember them all.

I don't recall any specific commercial that was the "worst."  It's been a while since we had that racist Panda commercial for some website a few years ago (was that SB XLII?).   The Paul Harvey Farmer commercial was kind of meh.  

I mean, the whole time I saw it I was going "what is the point of all this?"  "What are they selling?"  And then at the end they show a Dodge Truck.  Then I went "ugggh, ok."

However, I hear it was a huge hit with farmers and Middle America!

If Dodge or Apple tries to make a commercial like that for Tech Persons, I'm all ears.

With the flurry of information going out about the Super Bowl, I'll have to save my "LT meets Judge Smails Pontoon Boat in the Sky Super Bowl Party" story for tomorrow.  Just not enough space in this entry to write it all out at once.  It was a blast though at the end, but man you talk about hoity toity this was it, LOL.   Still, a good time.  More on this tomorrow.

Saddest part of this great weekend?  No more football afterward.  Now we're stuck with BASEBALL and some NBA stuffs.  (and I say "BASEBALL" the way George Carlin would say 'baaaaaaaaaaaaseball' in his 'Baseball and Football' routine)

I do believe there will be a trip to Spring Training in effect this year!  Baseball should be a good time, and let's hope the Dodgers hold up their end of the bargain.

Drat!  I didn't even have time to write about the Color Run by Dodger Stadium!   It was wild folks, wild.   Imagine a race with no timer, no expectations, and a whole lot of colored powder flying all over the course.   My Dad and sister and some friends went to do it, and it was just... odd... but it looked like fun!

The lady who finished first was a beauty.  Double entendre there.  She did a great job, though!  A little kid also finished in only 22 minutes.  It's a 5K race, so that is outstanding!

That's all for now.  Have a good Monday my friends.

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