Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: February 6th

Isn't it true that in life, "Less is more?"   I should employ that more.

The truth is, I'm fighting a few things in life... basically, I need a little help getting my act together financially.  I'm looking for someone to take to a wedding this weekend and I am 0-5.  0-5!!

It's been a long time since I was 0-5 at something.   I remember one time in Super Mario Bros where I couldn't get past the first part of a level ten times in a row, but the key was to keep trying.  So, let's keep it rolling...

I'm still pretty sad about Huell Howser's passing.  He was the Public Television Icon of Los Angeles and hosted "California's Gold," and last night, I had some golden fries and a great burger at Pie 'n' Burger.   If you have a good down-home restaurant anywhere in town, Huell Howser probably went there.  He was great, and never pretentious.

So, last night, I'm about to leave and pay the bill and I see the PNB staff left a photo of Huell right by the register... it was so touching.

By the way I *love* that clock.  Huell is an American original.

The Pie of choice last night:  Cherry Pie.   It felt right for the time.   You know, the Lakers get a huge win at Brooklyn, put in a little momentum, and the obvious move is to go for "the cherry on top."  So Cherry pie fit the mood.  Good times.

Delays frustrate me.  The phone I use now, a DROID X2 from Motorola, is full of them.   This is my fault:  I shouldn't have cheaped out and gone with such a bare bones model.  It has the computer power of a calculator.  I mean anything you want to do is not without some kind of delay.  Writing a text... the characters lag.  Going online, any google search is a big ole delay before I can type anything.  I can't even type in my system password to unlock the phone without some sort of delay.  It's a joke.  Dragging the screen and it lags like sludge.  The battery life on it is dismal.  I listen to a few things here and there, browse the web for an hour, let it sit at work and by the time I get home it's gasping for air.

I'm still a believer in Android and the DROID series phones, but I need to get a better model.  Maybe I'd even go the Samsung route and go with the Galaxy series.   I'll be eligible for a new phone in November!

It'd be really great if I somehow put money on a stock by chance and it exploded to be a Top 500 mega-company.   The "Apple Story" I call it.   If, for example, back in 1976 you put down a quarter on Apple stock and it because enormous.  You could even have put a few bucks on Apple shares around 1997 when it was on the brink of elimination, only to see the company explode with the introduction of the iMac and iPod.

My buddy Andrew made a joke once during our last spring training trip.  If you want something to succeed, just put an "i" in the name.   "iPhone, iPod, iPad... whatever it is, just put an 'i' in front of it."  I laughed so hard!  

Good news... we're doing it again!  Spring Training returns next March.   I look forward to seeing some more games, including my own boys, the Dodgers.

The Walking Stick, I think it's called, Casino over in Scottsdale is tremendous.   You also get a pretty damn good buffet out there, with some noice views.  Highly recommended.

Zipps, I believe is the name, is my favorite sports bar out there.  Get their wings... just get them.  If you like wings, it's the place to be.

Scottsdale had Five Guys way before anyone in California had Five Guys.   I made it a point to eat there even though I already had a huge breakfast that day at the hotel with the Coach.   That was tough to eat with no appetite but it was great.

Then I go back to California, and they opened about 50 locations in my area since then.  Unbelievable!

...but JIMMY JOHNS, the delivery sandwich place, is still not out here.  Hopefully it comes in due time.

If we do go to Arizona again, I gotta remind my buddy to make a stop at Dunkin' Donuts.  They aren't in California just yet so it'd be worth getting ahead of the curve with a donut in AZ.

I'm sorry for the way I acted on this morning.  I was out of line and was being too much of an attention whore.  Maybe I do that anyway but I was over the top.   Hope all is well.  Catch you guys soon...

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