Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: August 21st

I am going to try to do the entire blog entry today using dictation tools from my galaxy s4. This is actually a pretty cool phone because it does much better job with my voice then the old one did. It does mean that there are going to be some errors and some typos. But it seems to be a lot more efficient.   carriage return

So! Let's talk about America's Got Talent from last night. Let's face it this show was brutal! I mean you had two kiddie dance acts 1 choir doing a song I already had acquired in it and then some other random this delete backspace delete come on he he! Carriage return    carriage return   enter

I think I got the new paragraph! Anyway the point of all that was it was not involving last night. Even the Domino's guy was not that exciting although in his case it was because he didn't have enough time to really plan out a spectacular performance. You only get 19 excuse me I need 90 seconds to do your act and thats not long enough for a guy with his engineering expertise to plan out something amazing. Oh well, the other thing was I just felt like nothing really struggled the edge nothing really put me on the edge of my seat on America's Got Talent last night. Even the supposedly def excuse me death defying act that one up on the really tall pole he got it from the top of the pool but then she just went down like a sweet! Excuse me, that word was pole and the other word was swing. Any rate I just didn't think there was much there tonight or last night I should say on America's Got Talent and it was just very disappointing. 

Am i right let's move on to some cookies no I meant quickies! Onward dot dot dot

Big win for the Dodgers actually. It was big for them to win because they needed to keep themselves from getting along losing streak. Anyway I like the fact they fought back I got the win even against a bad team wife the Marlins.

Alright so the other thing I had on my mind was this thing about calamari. I was at Enterprise Fish Company last night for happy hour and I tried their spicy calamari. The only thing is it was just the regular calamari with jalapenos in it! From that perspective it was a little disappointing, because I was really expecting the whole thing to be spicy down to the sauce but no! It was just regular calamari with a few jalapenos on the top. So good! But a little misleading on the menu. 

Paragraph s our little bit tricky on the dictation tool. It's because I'm trying to set up the

So I try to say the word carriage return and instead it is right out the word paragraph in quotations. That is a hoot!

My buddy get your own show had a real zinger tonight -- he said maybe America did not have that much talent tonight!  Hahahahahahahaha. 

I'm really enjoying this particular blog entry tonight. The reason is because I'm in bed writing this and I'm too lazy to get the computer to type it myself. This will become very useful for days when I'm either too lazy to write or I'm too sick to go get the computer. My s4 is doing wonderful things for me!

One of my friends, we call her Meredith, went to a place called the counter last night and little did she know that it is a chain here in Los Angeles. But! They are in fact expanding and they've been expanding all over. The place she was that was one of the locations in NorCal. Pretty darn cool! Great to see that the counter is expanding your horizons the other parts of the country. She had the burger with the pretzel bun last night and I thought that was a asterisk great asterisk decision. Nothing like the counter to make one evening.

Would you believe one of my neighbors went to see Taylor Swift last night? That's pretty cosmic! Because I was thinking of maybe I'll go see it but then to see your neighbor go and not to mention Express a glowing open Yin of the concert was pretty remarkable.  Taylor Swift truly is popular here in LA. N honestly her concert was pretty good. But my neighbor said its the second best concert he has been to in his life! Now that is strong praise for the young country singer. I believe he said his first favorite concert ever was Bruce Springsteen. 

I think on Monday I drove by a Church's Chicken. I am intrigued by this place. In fact one of my buddies told me that churches chicken is really good fried chicken. Its not that surprising that I can't find one nearby. With that said, I hope that eventually I will find my way into one. That kind of chicken is hard to pass up. Next paragraph

My sister was at the Grove also on Monday I believe. As you probably know, this is where they tape the extra TV show. So dash my sister tweets that she saw Mario Lopez. She acted really surprised but she shouldn't have been because like he is on the extra program everyday hehe.  
Oh I know people love to levy the chance smiley on me. Remind I know what comes with the territory. Actually the sentence was: I don't mind.. I know that comes with the territory. 

Well this experiment comes to an end. I think I'll just go back to the regular way tomorrow but it was nice to give my fingers arrest for a change. Till Thursday!

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