Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: August 7th

Time is really flyin', innt it?

Our new SAO who took the place of the former SAO at our office is settling into the job pretty well.  She's not old at all, just graduated from college herself.   Our whole staff had a recent snack meeting to commemorate an outgoing co-worker and she brought in her lunch.   This was a couple weeks ago.  Her lunch was chicken fingers and fries.

...and I thought, "how cool!"  A lot of people who work in the office environment can be stuffy or overly protective of calories... this cat goes in with the breaded chicken fingers.  I really wanted to go over and shake her hand, but it would have made less sense in the middle of a sit down snack meeting.

I saw the same lady yesterday as I got into the office.  Asked how her bus ride was, of course, silly me, not everybody on campus rides the bus.  It turns out, she walks to work from an apartment right near campus.  Good stuff!

Later on, at night, I was at Souplantation, and this other lady, I think she was British, was getting foccacia at the counter.  She had these flower printed shorts on and ka-pow, I think she had an amazing butt.  Sorry family of Dave for reading that line... it had to be said.  But seriously!  In my mind I wanted to go up to her and say "Um hello, I just wanted to say that I think you have an amazing butt.  Did you know??"

Again, creep factor, I gotta calm down.   Her husband went over to meet her like two seconds after I first saw her anyway.  So, back to the soups.

Souplantation was fantastic last night.  It's Italian themed month, so we got the bevy of pasta based deli salads.  Were those good or what?   Then the tortellini soup with sausage, yum.  Then the Cream of Mushroom, yum.   Then onto less Italian foods like the soft serve and pineapple.

If you see some kids struggling with the soft serve machine, be a pal!  Give those kids a hand and start up the soft serve machine for them.   Two little kids just looked at it and had no idea what to do so I asked what flavor they wanted, then pulled the lever for them so it went into the bowl.  Their mom was right there and all of them thanked me afterward.  I'm happy to help.  I like to help people wherever I can, especially with food.

I think a lot of Americans called Guy Fieri's taste in food into question.  Most of these accusations are well founded -- remember the restaurant he opened in New York a year ago?  It got TORCHED by the media... I can't really argue with a lot of the complaints.   Most people feel like he can be easily swayed by adding gravy and bacon to things.   Gee whiz, is there anyone else out there who's big on gravy and bacon?  #chowtips

I'd like to issue a challenge to you all... next time you see "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives" check out each featured meal on his show.  Does the meal contain at least one of: gravy, bacon, or cheese?   I'm going through my mental archives and almost all of them have at least one of the above.  Imagine???

A Chick Fil A deluxe biscuit chicken sandwich with gravy and bacon must *blow his mind.*

Know what else blew my mind... driving out of campus to get home, looking to the side of the road and seeing over a hundred gorgeous co-eds on the other side.  I was like WHOAH!!  I don't know what they all were doing lined up there at once.  Orientation maybe?

I drove!  Yesterday I drove... I had to drive in order to make a 5:45 am swim at the Sunset pool.   It worked!  I had a great swim, but it also cost me a few extra dollars for the full day of parking.  Yesterday it was worth it.  This time out, it should be back to the bus by all accounts.

This morning I'll write an NFL Division preview for the NFC North.  It's not for the blog (yet), but just an email I'll write to Coach and Jacob Rosales.  I also wrote one yesterday for the NFC East.  The summary is, I'm much bigger on the Eagles than most football experts, I think the Giants had a disappointing offseason aside from the Cruz contract, and the Cowboys are a complete joke, but their DB's might be interesting.  Dallas is really high on their 3rd round pick JJ Wilcox.  Overall I had the division rankings this way:  1. Philly 2. Giants (reluctantly -- the team basically stood pat but I also thought "who would do better than them?") 3. Redskins 4. Cowboys

If you guys want to check out the preview publicly let me know!  I can post it later.

So for the NFC North... The Packers should still win the division but we're going to keep an eye on their O Line and D Line.   Pack lost their Left Tackle, big hurt for GB.   Still seems like an incomplete team, but so talented offensively that they still can win the North outright.  The Bears, meh, old, sagging, not that great.   Lions, better but really flawed defensively.  Their defense is a very good front four and nothing else beyond the DE's.  I think this is the Packers' division to lose.

The "46 defense" is so grossly overrated, can I say that?  If anybody even *attempted* to run that kind of defense today they would get their *ass* kicked by every team in the NFL.  They'd only put ONE safety back to cover 2/3 of the field!!!!

Some probably did... for shame.

It was good to get the turntable in action last night before watching "America's Got Talent."  Popped on a few familiar LP's and got it rolling with some fun music listening.  All seems to sound pretty good, scratches and pops and all.

You ever hear of the wood glue method for cleaning records?   Spread wood glue on the record side except for the label, let it sit overnight, then peel the glue off to get off the gunk and dirt that spread onto it over the years.

EXTREMELY tedious process, but presumably cost effective.  It sounds really hokey but on principle it may work correctly.

Vinyl LP listening is a lot of work, but the results are really fun to hear on my stereo.  I'm glad to have the time and the ears to tune in.

That's all for a Wednesday.  Have a good one gentle people!

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