Monday, August 12, 2013

The VID Nickname System

Let me get this out of the way, forgive the #allaboutme scenario:

A guy once asked why I don't do all the nicknames with the -ies at the name.  Basically the nickname scenario is a system.  It all is predicated on how I would say it out loud, so it would have to roll off the tongue in actual conversation.

Thus, a fella like Gamble17 is just Gamble.   Which is the first category of Vid nicknames:  One Name Scenario.

There's a bunch in this category:  Unclever, IDEAR, Mistress, etc.  "Gambs" doesn't really click so I abandoned it.

Then there's the -s scenario.  Checks, Ooms, Jabes, Beebs, etc.  You add in an "s" in there somewhere.

Then there's a few where I take it a step further and do -sies.  Capsies, Yotsies, Popesies.  It's a feel thing w/ the Vid Nickname system.

Then there's that occasional fourth category of names that have nothing to do with the rules whatsoever:  Scooter, Clueless (Dupp developed this one), Mortsies, P-Tone, and so on.

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