Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The LOST Entry: Dave's Thoughts -- originally written for Aug 22nd

THIS ENTRY was stuck in my drafts queue!  I forgot to post it so here it is:
It seems good enough yesterday so I'll try it again today. Let's go to the dictation tools for this days entry.  
Sweet! I think the dictation to be doing a better job of D limiting the brakes in the paragraphs.   
    new line
Predictably the Americas Got Talent results show last night was not very exciting. But I made the most of it anyway because train was the featured performance that night. I got a great job they did one song with Ashley Monroe if you remember the song bruises from the radio? Traffic performance I remember the same performance when I was at their concert a couple of weeks ago.  
I mean, you had catapult coming on stage with two other acts and there was absolutely no doubt that catapult was going to a dance. It was unbelievable! Nobody else seems to me to be that worthy of the next round. Knowing this, the rest of the show wasn't a climactic Colin we had a whole half hour of Acts who could easily be surpassed by anybody from the previous three weeks. So that element of the results were disappointing. But even so I feel like both of the axe who advanced were pretty good meaning good enough to make it but on another week probably would not have. I will, that's the way it goes the way the cookie crumbles.
I gave up on trying to dictate a
With the s for vacation tools so instead I just ended up taking it out on the keyboard and dictating the rest. The interesting thing is that the sentences in periods in other punctuation are pretty good. So actually I found it really satisfied overall.
Now I am interested to see what happens next we got a GT its going to be a really good semi final round and really competitive to boot. I also realize that one direction will be the featured act next Wednesday around the same time. That is a good get for America's Got Talent. Great job out of them. Next paragraph
Do you think that Heidi Klum writer on Twitter? I don't think so. I really think that she get some other published city guy to write her tweets for her . The word is publicity guy. Honestly I feel like she is so uptight with a lot of things but thankfully the things that are tight on her need to be and for her age of actually pretty good.
You know, its really weird? She's actually very anti comedy.  I don't know where that is but man she was really not that big on Taylor Williamson and she also was not very big on John wing last night. His name is actually John Wayne that is not a typo. Although to be honest it makes me feel like eating some buffalo wings that name.
I'm just glad to get this week of the show behind us. I was just not impressed with most of the acts as I mentioned yesterday. And can we quit with the brother and sister dance group I need that was the most played storyline of the show. I mean yes, a brother where the dance partner and then her sister with a different dance partner that was so corny I was so fed up with it after a week. And man the sister who lost out in the boat really hammed it up with the tears come on! she's a bigger showboat van a rod.
Remember with instant replay was not so instead? No the word is instant. I remember that they would have to actually go to the tape and rewind it physically to get to the replay that they wanted for football. I don't even know what is the replay really works. I mean the game is still going as you go to the replay. So how are they rewinding the tape? Do you know what I mean? That is weird technology!
Oops I forgot to mention that I transitioned into quickies. Sometimes it doesn't need a transition because the cookies are already so non contact Joel I figured I may as well just get into it this time.
When I use the dictation tools it really puts pressure on me to come up with an entire sentence immediately on the spot. That's not exactly how I think I usually come up with the sentences I go along. But I've learned to adapt to this particular process. Alas.   
I'll be honest I really like writing these entries well I'm in bed it's just so much easier to do. Way more convenient. I know they're going to be some errors that go with it but I think its worth it for the convenience of just talking to the phone in order to write the entry.
tomorrow is coaches birthday. So, to celebrate we're going to go out on the town with some buddies. It should be a wild night in Santa Monica!
I miss my buddy Bebe's . It's too bad the dictation tools cannot spell bead. But yeah I haven't seen him as much on the board lately so hopefully he'll be back sometime soon. although, he may have been on the whole time but I just hadn't seen much from his pen.
I am so pumped that college football starts next week at this time. I have had just about enough of a rod. I mean... Capital enough!
You know I've been really jonesing for the Starbucks breakfast sandwich. I've actually had it recently and yet I would like to have another one. I don't know why it's so good. But it is.
I'm actually going straight to Oxnard on Friday after work in order to celebrate my grandfather's birthday. I don't think any Oreos or balancing will be and effect. But it should be a good time anyway. I just feel like I'm going to run out of things to do in Oxnard this weekend but we'll see what happens. It would be nice to get away.
This is very unhealthy but one of these days I'd like to go to Farrell's and eat a huge ice cream sundae. Boy with that hit the spot or what?
Surprisingly some of the best food I've ever had were around the Valencia and Fillmore areas. I had a year old in a place called no not year old I meant 0 sandwich no not 0 sandwich I meant a gf why are hole sandwich. No I meant Jeezy why are old make that you roll no make that hero with the G sandwich. You know the Greek sandwich with the lamb meat and the pita bread? That thing. Well at Yanni's it was great! And it was so cheap too plus they have really good ranch dressing. In fact I like you so much I might even stop there on the way to Oxnard even if it is out of the way or maybe I would stop there on the way back.
It makes me wonder don't they have a sandwich like that here in LA the closest I had so far was one in Westwood. I thought it was pretty good but for whatever reason the other one in Fillmore hit home much better.
Oh but one thing that was what does so well. It is the kabob! They are really really good with kabobs here in town. It is a dream to go and get one anytime I have a chance. Believe it or not there is a place called Zankou chicken which does a really good job with the kabob as well. In fact I think I might even make a run for it for lunch. It is that good. Did you use a lot of PEP Rica in it though.
Dinner last night was disappointing. All I had was 2 bowls of cereal and some peaches. But I do you sense it Pete season could be coming to an end. The reason is because not only are they twice as costly but they seem to be getting dryer too. Have you ever had peach ice cream? See that is good out of the box thinking! I think that it would taste amazing if you would just give it a try.
Have you ever tried strawberry ice cream? Have you tried orange ice cream? Have you attempted mint ice cream at? Have you tried cherry ice cream? Have you attempted pineapple ice cream? Have you done blueberry ice cream? See there are so many different fruits that can be implemented into ice cream at all of them R & R actually pretty good.
A bit bit bit bit bit bit bit bit bit that's all folks! Till tomorrow

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