Friday, August 30, 2013

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: August 30th

Big night tonight.  Some relatives and I are going to see Taylor Williamson at the Hollywood Improv.

PRECEDED by, I hope, a trip to Skooby's in Hollywood nearby for a hot dog and some of their famous delicious fried potatoes.  Do the dance!!!

Man it's hot.  I'm tempted to stay at the main office through the afternoon so I don't have to deal with the joke AC at my own office.  The air conditioning at my regular office used to work, but in the last half year it hasn't responded much at all.  All it does is blow air into the room.  That's not good enough!

I sent in trouble tickets twice to get Facilities to come and fix it, and they'd come, and they'd make adjustments, but nothing changes.  I may have to get the manager involved.  Stay tuned.

I'm so glad to have College Football back.   I grant you the issues with recruiting fraud and scandals and what have you, but once you get the kids out onto the field, the passion out there is palpable.  Case in point, last night Ole Miss at Vanderbilt, what a game!  Both teams really putting 110% out there.  

Same deal with Utah State and Utah in an intense rivalry game.  Utah State had that game won mid way through but then it was a dog fight.   This is just day one!  Can't wait for the rest of it.

The plot thickens with soft cookies.   Someone had an extra cookie and offered it to me.  Chocolate chip -- it as pretty good.  I do think the cookie was baked same day, but it was indeed soft.

The hypothesis I've formed:  Soft cookies that are fresh are great, but factory made/lessfresh soft cookie aren't as tasty, seems to be holding true so far.

Did Kobe really jump off the 10m diving platform?!  That guy is a baller.  I made a new years resolution to do the same thing, but I don't think that's going to pan out.

For the record that's now Kobe Bryant and Katherine Webb who now dove off a 10m platform this year.   Total bravery, friends.

There are some days where there's not a whole lot on my mind, and this is one of those days.
I'm a little miffed and simultaneously worried about Yelp hotel reviews.  Every hotel on Yelp ever has a bad review, and frankly I question the authenticity of said reviews.  Nonetheless, my comments on one such outrageous review to my colleagues was out of line and I wish I hadn't posted it.

I GET IT, I should think harder before making a post or writing a tweet etc.   I want to think I've been better, but I don't know if I have.

For example, the Sheraton Gateway at LAX where my buddy stayed for a few days.  I thought it was fantastic!  I did stay there one night... long story behind that one but I didn't want a DUI and taxi fare would have cost about the same.  Anyway, the accommodations were terrific.  but no!  Some joker on Yelp is still going to write his "story."

For whatever reason, I am more trusting of Yelp reviews of restaurants, but even there, you'll get a sob story here and there that feels over the top.  It's hard to tell who's telling the truth.

Anyway, this frustration comes from a hotel I booked recently.  Extremely good rate via travel sites, but despite the majority of positive reviews, there was one that really seemed nuts.  I just hope that my instinct is right and we call that reviewer's bluff.

I've been jonesing for a prime rib dinner lately!    That's an expensive craving innt it?  Ah well, I'll see how it plays out.  I now know of THREE places to get a very good prime rib dinner out here:

Lawry's the Prime Rib:  the classic, the tradition, and truly one of the very best.

Taylor's (in Koreatown):  A full prime rib dinner for 20 bones, and many of the hardcore diners at Chowhound were down with it.  Pretty cool, huh?

Fleming's: I got wind of their 30 bone Sunday/Monday prime rib special.  That's a great offer for the price, and Flemings does a great job with all meats, so prime rib is certain to be tremendous.

That's all from here, enjoy your Labor Day weekend!

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