Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: August 14th

Would you believe that going "All-In" on something or "All-Out" on something means the same thing?

I like steaks of any geometry:  strip steak, cubed steak, steak balls, round steak, you name it.

I did not have a good night of eating for my health.  Father's Office Burger w/ a lady friend in their second location over near Culver.   Fries with that.  An apple cider, alcoholic this time.  Then I came home and Coach in very uncharacteristic fashion broke out the cookies.  He never eats cookies but he needed to get rid of them after one of his lady friends brought some over.  So we finished the remaining cookies -- there weren't very many.   Some ice cream in the mix.  Then I added in a Cactus Cooler.

I was baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad.  I really need to calm down and eat healthier.  Oy vey, I ate like a mongo last night.

The internet last night was worthless to 'em.   I'm paying to use this????  THIS IS HIGH SPEED INTERNET?!  --channeling Franceser.

The Big Ten is notorious these days for having no offense.  The Big 12 is notorious for no defense.  Imagine if you combined them?

Forget the brooms, Capuano is pitching.  We'll settle for the dustbuster.

What a ride for the Dodgers though, huh?   Can you imagine they're playing this well?   I'm thrilled to be watching it!

Any time I watch a good comic performance, such as one I saw last night on America's Got Talent, I'm suddenly driven to go on the computer and write a bunch of inane one line sentences.  Know what I mean?

Remember when Charlie Sheen thought he was winning?

My computer is not winning.  If it poops on me like this during tonight's College Football podcast I'm going to be *very* upset.   Computer, Internet, get with the program.   'til then, enjoy your Wednesday!

and make sure to eat your cookies.

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