Friday, August 16, 2013

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: June 16th

Short entry today (and way late).

Junk Man, if you're out there reading this, talk to me, fella.   Once your phone dropped out on the switchboard, I was at a loss.  I felt bad about not having a chance to do our Random Questions spot last week on the podcast.

I don't have a huge itinerary next week, but let's catch up.


Long blog entries are too long.   I was a little perturbed about the length of some of these entries too.  Didn't mean to go so long w/ some of the blog posts.  I get really fed up with long movies, long baseball games, long football games, long bloated rock albums, long doesn't do it for me either.

Short is better.  Short stack, short stop, Martin Short, hey!  It all works.

SWEEP!  SWEEP! SWEEP!!!!  #sctvreference

He's still funny.  I'm serious.

Happy Trails Charlie Manuel, you head hunting, snake of an oaf.  One Ric Flair reference wasn't enough to win me over.   You and Brett Myers can eat it.  Onward to you both.

Phillies have some good fans.   This isn't really so much about them.  It's more about the arrogance of their team during their salad years.  And that joke of a short porch at Citizens Bank Park.   I also like the cheesesteak sandwiches.  And *yes* most of my resentment stems from how the Phils dominated the Dodgers in the 08-09 League Championship Series.   Thankfully it's all in the past.

The Phillies though, douchiness aside, were one of the great MLB teams of all time.  It may have just been jealousy on my part all those years.  For a couple of years the lineup they had was a lineup I'd put up against anybody.  Even the 70's Reds or the 90's Indians.   Kojak good.

One of my friends told me he was in town and he found a Yum Yum Donuts as he was driving around.  I am *pumped.*

I was thinking of doing one of those Open Mic nights.   I gotta go out and close the mic, we don't want a spillage.

That's all today.  Have a great weekend everyone!

Edit:  OI!!!!!!!!!!!  *JUNE* 16th?   Holy mackerel, I meant August.

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