Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Preview: AFC North

Let's just get to the teeth of it... we're already so familiar with all four teams, now let's get familiar with their predictions...

1. Bengals aka Bungles.  You take out Andy Dalton's sup-par QB play and this is an amazing team.   Great playmakers like Green on the edges.  Great defense, fierce defense, they can do it all.   Not only that, but everyone here is relatively young.   This is the team to beat, IMHO in the AFC North.  It would be a much easier lock if Dalton played better, but this year we'll find out how well he helps the Bungles.   Marvin Lewis will hold them back too, but in the regular season it won't be a deal breaker.

2. Steelers.   This is going to be tough.   Their roster is pretty weak right now, but some improvements at both the O-Line and D-Line over the last two seasons will be a big boost.   Last year, or maybe the year before, they got Center David DeCastro.  This year, LB Jarvis Jones from Georgia.   Bell doesn't look to be playing much in 2013, but QB Ben Roethisberger will pull a few wins out of his butt, so I see an above .500 season, or at worst, about .500, for Pit.

3. Ravens.  So many losses in the off season.  They lost Boldin, Lewis, Pollard, Reed, and Ellerbe among others.   They also lost Dennis Pitta to injury with Hip Surgery.   At this point, the only real returning players are Terrell Suggs, QB Joe Flacco and RB Ray Rice.   It would be a lot to expect them to win the division outright.

4. Browns.  Time after time.  Year after Year.   It's the worst team in the division.  Cleveland has a few things going for them: their defense and special teams are generally pretty good.  That's about it.   Who would they even attempt to start at QB this year?  Wheedon AGAIN?  Hoo boy.

Up Next: AFC South Preview!

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