Sunday, August 25, 2013

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: August 26th

This is a big day for me.  This afternoon, I attempt a six mile run at Drake Stadium, our local campus track, with a couple of my work buddies watching and perhaps running a little bit themselves.

I'll remember to get plenty of water before and after the run, and also to stretch before running.  It won't be easy but I really feel like I can pull it off.   I've done about this distance in swimming before, so the cardio is there.  I've also run 3 miles at various times, so as long as conditions aren't abysmal I have a chance!

It was wonderful to spend time with my family this entire weekend.  It was quite an extensive visit this time around, but I didn't mind.

There's nothing more precious, unrelated comment, than seeing a newborn baby and her happy mother for the first time.  Isn't it just wonderful?   The little one ready for life and the mother so proud, although probably exasperated from all the labor.  I love it.   Those moments are so tender that I almost cry.

The coolest thing about any child's birth is that little blanket they use!  It's the same one!  When my little sister was born over 20 years ago, they gave her that little white blanket with the pink and blue stripes to keep her warm.   Today, they use the same pink and blue striped blanket!  Not only the longevity wins, but its ubiquity does too.   My family has had a long tradition of that white blanket with the pink and blue stripes, but I bet you when my buddy "Bread" in Brooklyn was born way back in the mid 90s (hahahahahaaha, I don't actually know what year it was but he's a youngin'), they probably put him in the same blanket.

It's so very cool...

All these tweets about Miley Cyrus.   What did she do??

I'll tell ya... in Santa Barbara, at the Harbor, there's a lesser known bar known as the "Endless Summer Bar/Care."  You wouldn't believe how good the fish is there.   I ordered a Salmon sandwich.  The sandwich is finely broiled over a flame, well seasoned, and served on a lightly toasted buttered cibatta roll.  It was the meal of the week, my friends.  Just impressive!  The fries that came with it weren't bad either.  I didn't want to insult the greatness of the salmon filet by adding the supplied tartar sauce, so I used the tartar sauce instead for fries.  Yum.

Did you know you can take a "water taxi" boat from the Harbor to the Wharf for only four bones?  If you're going yourself or with a buddy, that's tremendous value each way for a picturesque ride in the harbor's waters.  Santa Barbara is KING my friends.

That's all from here.  More to come tomorrow.  See you all soon!

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