Monday, August 12, 2013

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: August 13th

I'm sorry to report that I will be unable to deliver the story of the one swimmer at last weekend's Meet and how she did a big theatrical warm up routine, pounding her chest, jumping up and down, REALLY bouncing up and down to the music on her mobile device, and then when she was about to race her 800m free she took the block and when I cheered her on she didnt even look because she was so focused. AND how she came from 8th place, paced herself and then kicked it into gear to go all the way to 3rd place in her heat and hang onto it. 

Would have been a good story, ah well!  My bad, folks.

Fellas... PLEASE listen to John and Mike from last night's Dave podcast.  We not only broke down the PGA Championship but Mike and John both let loose some *hilarious* rants about the Golf Media.   You gotta hear it!  Here's the link:

I was pumped enough after last night's show to drink a second Cactus Cooler, and I know how bad those are for my health.  Ah well, it was worth it.

I temporarily switched to Pop Tarts for breakfast.  This week it's the unfrosted strawberry Pop Tarts.   I can dig it... I don't feel like I'll do this permanently but so far so good.

Much easier to prepare two Pop Tarts than two peanuts butter sandwiches.  Takes a load of guesswork out doesn't it?

I'm beat... back to the coffee for me.  Have a good morning everyone.

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