Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Preview: NFC East

Here it is, by demand, our NFC East Preview (as of August 7th, 2013).

I declared the East as the "most interesting division in the NFL" this year.  Team with the most upside, to me, is the Eagles.  Far and a way the eagles... they have the most young players (or at least, the most recognizable young players), and a pretty sharp Head Coach entering the NFL ie Chip Kelly.
The rest of it goes like this... Redskins:  RGIII's team... RGIII's year?  Depends on health.   I can't put much confidence in their O-line, but they have a pretty good defense.   I like the Redskins to compete but I can't put them as a division winner just yet.  Receivers are a joke... Alfred Morris, their primary RB, was excellent last year and he's hungry, but we'll see what their O-Line can bear for him.
Cowboys:  The giant comedy show, at it again!  Everyone's gotten a year older and Romo said he promises to be a better leader.   Color me unconvinced -- leopards don't change their sports.  Romo gets no help from pass protection.   The defense is so overrated it's not funny.  I think you can pretty easily get the ball down the field with the Cowboys.  It's a bunch of jokers but I look forward to watching them fail anyway.  They should be good to finish .500 or better, either way.  Any of you guys hear of DB Rookie JJ Wilcox?  Me neither... boy that Jerra sure is smart!  #notreally  Cowboys uppers are really buzzing about him though!
Giants:  what have they really done to *improve* the team?  Lot of dead weight with Baas and whoever wants to step up at the RB position.  All they did was sign Cruz to a big WR contract.  Honestly, the Giants had *THE* least impressive offseason of the division, if not most of the NFL... team didn't do a whole lot last year and they stayed pat anyway.  I'm a little fed up with people making excuses with their injuries too.  Every team has injuries.   It's a solid team with a good QB  and decent coaching but their Defense is not all that right now, and I don't like the way they run the ball either.  I will have no problem ranking them low this year.  They'll pull a few rabbit hat wins but that's all.
So for this weak division I have these rankings:
1. Eagles -- as I said, why not the Iggles?  Lots of talent and almost everyone on the roster is pretty young.  The player w/ the most experience is Vick with 12 years pro experience.  A lot of single digit year veterans too.  The O line is pretty "experienced" I will say.
2. Giants -- not going to be a popular pick with many, me putting them in 2nd.  This isn't to say the Giants are going to be a bottom feeder... its going to be a war of attrition.  I think NYG could still go 9-7 but anyone *else* is could be that much better.
3. Redskins -- I'll play it positively and assume RGIII is good for at least ten starts this year.  it's hard to judge for someone who puts himself out there like he does.  When he's healthy RGIII is GREAT.  Let's hope for the best.  Still a flawed team with no notable receivers to speak of and a weak O-line, but they'll have great production at home. 
4. Cowboys -- nuff said.  This will be fun to watch!
I really want to rank the Giants lower, but common sense prevailed.  Man, I do NOT like what they did this offseason... it was a JOKE.   They did almost nothing to make the team better.  They'll have to hope the pieces they got are good enough to get by.   One other area the Giants struggle with is motivation.  They CANNOT for their lives play a full consistent season.  Possibly injuries play a part in it, but as we all say, every team has injuries.

Coming up later on... NFC North Preview.

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