Thursday, October 30, 2014

"Kids Club" Podcast Picks - Week 9: October 30th

Most of the crew sent the picks via text this week, with the podcast on a Thursday instead of the usual Wednesday.  Here are the picks!

Ron in NJ (15-16-1) 
Missouri -6.5 vs Kentucky
Utah State -3 at Hawaii
Chiefs -9.5 vs Jets
Colts -3 at Giants

Say Hello to Ottis (15-16-1) 
ECU -8 at Temple
Arizona +6.5 at UCLA
Broncos -3.5 at Patriots
Chargers +1.5 at Dolphins

Andy in Seattle (13-18-1)
Mississippi State -10.5 vs Arkansas
Arizona +6.5 at UCLA
Patriots +3.5 vs Broncos
Eagles -2 at Texans

John in CT (12-20) 
UNC +14.5 vs Miami
Kansas St. -12 vs Ok. State
Cardinals +3 at Cowboys
Patriots +3.5 vs Broncos

Only two checker on checkers this week: Arizona and Patriots.  We also have Ottis and John going head to head with Broncos/Patriots.   Good luck to all the picks!

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