Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: January 10th

I saw a two hour TV special on Celebrity Diving last night.  It was on FOX and they tried to stage the event similar to an actual dive meet.  Valiant effort but man it was way too long.   One hour would have been enough and they could have scrapped the syncrho dive portion or reduced it to highlights.

As predicted, I barely recognized anyone on this show.  In fact, someone had to tell me that Bethany Hamilton (the one armed shark survivor surfer lady) was the same Bethany Hamilton who had her commercial on WFAN's web stream all these years.  I completely tuned that out!

She did a remarkable job by the way, and imagine?  All with one arm? 

The best diver in the competition... wow, this is a tough call because I think a lot of people did an amazing job when you *consider* they had zero experience, trained for two weeks at UCLA, in fact at the same two pools I swim at regularly for Masters, and then went to North Carolina for the Finals.   Honestly, the dives they did were very credible Olympic level dives and I was really impressed.

So anyway best diver... wow... well Terrell Owens did a pretty good job.   That Antonio guy did very well too.  The winner to me was a stroke of irony: it was alternate diver and former Baywatch star Alexandra Paul.

Do you all realize how old she is?   She was in a movie like 28 years ago about bicycles!  Then Baywatch, and now this reality program.   Amazing athlete for her age or any age.  That bicycle movie was pretty damn good actually, but I was so sad when the brother of that one guy died and his ear bled.  I forget what specifically the illness was but he died during the final race in the movie.

Anyway back to topic:  The big epic fail of the show, no doubt about it, J-Woww.  What a joke... to think I used to think of her as "the hot one" on Jersey Shore.  She has to be the least athletic person I've seen in years.  First of all, she must have gained like 30 pounds in the last year or so.  Then she starts to moan and groan about going off the board (which is understandable, its pretty high).   Then she breaks her back during training.  Holy hell... you can't make it up!   It's actually better off that she was unable to perform.  I don't think she would be that good and it would have cheated us of Alexandra Paul's dives anyhow.

The HOFF should be proud of Alexandra.. I guess.   This diving special must have been watched by 3 million people tops how proud could anyone be here?

Now that I think of it, I don't think the brother died in that bicycle movie, but he did have to withdraw from the race.

I felt really vitamin deficient lately... I know why: not enough fruit or vegetables.  That's on me.   I am going to consider a good orange juice or something to make up for it.  Maybe some fresh fruit on my way home from work.  Something like that.

The London Broil was not sitting well with me lately. Every time I ate it my stomach felt like it was being kneaded like dough.   Not good.   After lunch yesterday I stopped using it.  I won't be eating any more of it.  Puts me in a tough spot however, because I  bought enough meat for the whole week.  What to do for lunch?

Still no heater, but I can't expect that after one night.   The electric heater is coming through in a big spot though in the bedroom.

My friends are right, I need to get a girl.   What am I doing?  Writing blogs about meat and reality aquatics competitions?

I am, however, due to do a new swim meet!  Stay tuned... no diving in effect for this one, haha.

Jersey Shore really was an abysmal show.  I made an honest attempt to watch it and had to turn it off after five minutes.   Those of you who managed to watch it all the way through are better folks than me.

Yet, I'm a regular devotee of "The Big Bang Theory."  Life is weird sometimes.

Everyone is getting sick!  My friend "Coach" was sick.  My entire family was sick.  My lady friend was sick.  People at work are sick.  How did I avoid getting sick?  The only defense I had was recent exercise and a flu shot I got a few weeks ago.

I miss gingerbread lattes.  Those were good times at Starbucks, but I also feel about 5-8 pounds lighter.  Yep those lattes were packing on a Latte Weight.

Maybe if J-Woww could quit any one of her indulgences... alcohol, lattes, ice cream, just one, her life could be different.

If Peyton Manning wins a Super Bowl this year, wow, I don't even know what I'd do.

I can't even explain why... but I just don't see it.   Did Kurt Warner win a SB in his first year with a new team?  It just doesn't happen much in sports, least of all in the NFL and even less at QB.

I think that's all I have.  R.I.P. Mitch Hedberg.  Peace and respect.

Til tomorrow!

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