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Dave's Thoughts of the Day: January 7th

I should be ashamed of myself.  Last week I acted like a total fool, selling myself off my local internet haunt because of such a silly subject like thread tags.

Emotions and stupidity can get the best of us, any of us.  I'm sorry.  I hope most of my colleagues understand my momentary insanity.

Ray Lewis.   Wow.   He announces retirement, and why?  Well, "Coach" Andrew has the answer for you:

Interesting that Ray Lewis would announce this the week going into their first playoff game. I mean, couldn't that be a bit of a distraction for the team as they prepare to play in just a few days? I don't get the timing.

Something tells me Ray Lewis has two games left in his NFL career.  [source:]

He predicted this and he was 100% right.  Lewis made that push to rile up his fans and make a comeback for two games.  He plays a game, does a decent, not great, job, and wills the Ravens to a mostly authoritative 24-9 win over the Colts at home.

Ugh, the Ravens.   People who may not have followed the division week to week probably didn't realize this circus act they do during intros is a weekly occurrence.  Ray Lewis and company roll out their WWE style theatrics before *every* home game.  Every one.   Nobody loves to pump themselves up more than the Ravens.   Like any other balloon however, the grandeur of the outside is just hot air on the inside.

The Seahawks are another tempest I can't stand.   I'll get to those jokers in a moment.  First...

I'm so sad to see Robert Griffin III blow out his ACL and his knee in yesterday's Wild Card game against Seattle.  Live on TV you could see thousands of little hearts breaking at FedEx Field.  It doesn't get more depressing than that.  It's a tough spot to be sure, but I did not like Coach Mike Shannahan leaving RG3 out there so long.  To me it seemed that RG3 was more fragile than a vase on a shallow pedestal.  Unreal.  

Now to the Seahawks.   I can't stand them.  Who would root for these cheap-shot, whiny fan, rah-rah, overrated, lame-on-the-road, posers?  WHO...?  Unless you had a wager on them, or some other motives, this team is not rootable at all.   I can get behind Russell Wilson, because I think he's a cool cucumber with a great arm and tremendous foot speed.  Otherwise, the team is an opportunity artist just waiting for someone else to @#!$ up.   Refs against the Packers.   Kaepernick at home vs SF.  

The Seahawks are a tremendous team to be sure, but they're a whole group of cheats, and being an SC fan for so many years, I know Pete Carroll's culture of cheating very well.   He's a cheat.  His players use: see Cushing and the Adderall incident.  He runs up the score, which is fine, but as with everything: his demeanor, his good guy image, his between game cheering, it's so over the top.

Carroll was great for SC and he meant a lot towards resurrecting the program but the way he left was as cowardly as his true colors.  Seahawk fans are sure to see this soon, VERY soon in fact.  For the meanwhile, the jokers that be and, unfortunately, the legitimate dark horse in these playoffs are still alive.   Once they lose, though, it will be a great day.  

Good lord, I'm asking the Fraud FALCONS to beat these guys?   Just shoot me now.  Might as well look ahead to the NFC Title game... Seattle gets their bye a week later, I suppose.

Let me tell you, the Wild Card playoffs were underwhelming, but I can't say it was disappointing because it was expected.   The matchups didn't prove themselves to provide much excitement going in.

Since we're on the subject of pretenders, I think we can finally say goodbye to the Marvin Lewis era.  Haven't Bengals fans had enough of him?  It took one team to lose out to the crumbling Texans and by God, they just happened to find them in the Wild Card round.  Wanna settle for another field goal Marv?

Packers?  Tremendous job by the Pack not putting out a let-down game.   It's always wise to put away a lesser team when you can, and give GB credit for doing the job.

I am not kidding about the Seahawks, even going back to the Mike Holmgren years, I developed a very sour taste for them.   If they make the Super Bowl, I'd give consideration to doing something else that day.  Maybe a trip to the beach, or a roadie to Disneyland or something.  Something else, in a place that's fully detached from Super Bowl results.

At last, the porterhouse steak was mine!  On Friday I consumed (part of) one, and it was glorious.  The leftovers I took care of over the weekend.  Fantastic!

That leaves what... the sub 38 second swim sprint and the 10m dive.   I have good news on that front:  Rose Bowl Aquatics in Pasadena offers Diving lessons.  I may consider it but they are VERY expensive.   I'll think about it.

I have more good news for single dudes... I have it on good inference that Olympian Swimmer Rebecca Soni might be single again.   Her boyfriend Ricky Berens lives in Austin, TX once again, and she stayed behind near me in Hermosa/Manhattan Beach.  Today she announced a new room mate at her apartment.  It can't be a coincidence, but more on this as it develops. 

You don't know how good life is until you can get London Broil by the pound at Ralph's for $10.99.  I waited and waited and WAITED for Ralphs to put it on special for that price and last night it finally came!   It's like hitting the lottery, baby!  Just having a couple of slices was pure bliss.  Tomorrow's lunch will be good for sure.

It's interesting the kinds of unique programming they have now on TV, perhaps not great, but unique.  We have shows about old time England or what have you.  There are shows with kitchen competitions, and then there's one that seems to come out of nowhere, but it really hasn't: Fox's much-plugged "High Dive" celebrity TV special.  No American could have thought this up himself... grab some B-listers and put them in tight swimwear to do Olympic level dives off springboard and platform.  Personally, I dig the idea, and it turns out the concept stems from a series of celebrity diving competitions televised in Europe.   I can't imagine this would go over well with America however.   The panel they assembled for this special includes forgettable, hard to like, or otherwise nondescript persons.  It could be an odd show, but I'm plugged in.

I'll be amazed if that show gets more than 3 million viewers.  Most people are not waiting on pins and needles to see that nutcase T.O. attempt a 403B from 3m.

There are just some days where you have the whole world to write about, and I'm glad you're still reading.  I'm still not done!

I am having a wonderful time listening to outtake cuts of the Billy Joel "Songs in the Attic" album.  Billy Joel and the band recorded nearly every concert in their Glass Houses Tour of the USA in compiling material for the album.  Eventually, Joel opted to use his earlier works for the album to promote lesser known material as performed by his then-current ensemble.   A *lot* of material was recorded, including all his most popular hits.   The material was recorded circa 1980 when the band hit its stride on numerous levels.   The outtakes showcase all the leftovers:  performances of Big Shot, most of "The Stranger" album, and just about everything you can imagine.  It even had a Beatles cover.   I can't believe Joel didn't want to use these cuts in any capacity.  I hope eventually Columbia/Sony considers a 35th or 40th anniversary edition of "Songs" with these remaining songs in full fidelity.

Remember my line about grape soda?  I'm pleased to tell you all that I've found my grape soda at a nearby Pavilions store.   I went to see a friend of mine for the last time before he moves to Ohio on Saturday.  At his party: a can of grape soda!  Do the dance!!

Also at his house, which was his parents' house, was a collection of cups depicting every major Disney Animated movie through history.  It was a tremendous collection.

I'd like to consider a similar collection, maybe not cups, but some article representing every Super Bowl in NFL History.  Maybe a newspaper or a photo from each game.  Small photos.

I'm sad to see my buddy leave California, but a better life awaits him in Ohio.   Cheaper rent, a better career, more opportunities, regular people.  I love his new job title.  He says he will be an "oragami scientist." --never realized that the first scientist I know would specialize in paper.

Last night was spent at a restaurant that specializes in 450 calorie meals.  Quintessential California:  you pay the same outrageous prices but get less food on the guise of it being "good for your health."  It wouldn't be enough to simply serve half portions of regular food and charge less.  I laughed pretty loud at the concept, but I must say, they executed the theme very well.  It's a good change of pace restaurant, but long term, it's not my cup of tea.

This weekend I used a DISHWASHER!  I know!  What took me so long?   I had always felt like dishwashers could not be justified by the meager amount of dishes a single person uses.  I live in an apartment with no room mates, so I never felt like I needed to use a dishwasher day to day.  Then, this weekend, I had a fairly large collection of plates, forks, and other dishes.  I purchased the appropriate dishwashing liquid plus a small container of "rinse agent" aka "Jet Dry."   I could not even believe how well the dishes came out.  The secret is clear: wait a week and just do all the dishes in one shot.

It takes a lot to set up a dishwasher, but the dishes come out so nicely, I'll give it another shot next Saturday.

A friend of mine heard about my dishwashing affair and quipped that I'd be a good wife someday, HAHA.  Then he announced genuine excitement over the new season of "Downton Abbey." 

We just came from a horrific violent tragedy, yet people are eating up a stupid movie about some Chainsaw Guy hacking innocent people to death.  It's Number One in the Box Office.  Can you imagine?

To be fair, I hate horror films.  I don't understand the enjoyment of them. I even got freaked out at Paranormal Activity, and still haven't seen the entire movie.

Nardwuar is becoming my favorite interviewer of anything.   Who is he?  Google the name and see!

The Lakers are having the season from hell.  Nobody is afraid of them anymore.  I think this is what they deserve.  Jim Buss needs to cede basketball operations to basketball people and go back to his toys.

You can't just go out there and make a big splash with two big veteran names and expect them to solve a dozen issues.  It doesn't work that way.   We have now seen the day when the Clippers fully schooled the Lakers on how to run a basketball team.  Dark days indeed for the Lakers fan.

And how about the Clips?  I don't think anyone would argue this is the best season of their entire franchise history.  A 17 game winning streak.  An 11 game home winning streak.  The best record in the Western Conference.  All of these are firsts for the Clippers.  I am truly impressed  I still have my doubts on them actually winning it all, especially with that dope Del Negro coaching.  Nonetheless, there's a lot to celebrate as a Clippers fan. 

Yes, you heard me: in Los Angeles, the best run team in the city is the CLIPPERS.   Prove me wrong, America.  Prove me wrong!

On that note, we close up for the day.  Good luck to Alabama and Notre Dame tonight.   I like 'bama, but honestly, the Fighting Irish have a good shot at this game, and I'm in a position to feel very comfortable if they win.  If ever a Notre Dame team deserved a title, it's this year's team.  Mad props to the boys from South Bend.

See ya tomorrow!

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