Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: January 3rd

I'm on hiatus from the message board I normally frequent.  It's about tags... thread tags that summarize memes and themes.   I think I was going ok, until I saw some people work up a real attitude about these dopey tags.   There was an agreement to run tags for just one week between Xmas and New Years, but what I didn't appreciate was the way people gloated about them eventually leaving.  

Who is any one person to get that sensitive about tags?  The tag banning itself isn't so offensive but the message behind it is pretty brutal.   People cant take a joke so the best move is to dissolve something so silly as thread tags?

To be honest, a big reason I went through with this is because I told another colleague I would.   I may as well:  I don't know why people got so riled up over silly tags.   Granted, I did too, but I realized it was just for fun.   I may need some time.

It's funny too because I hardly ever write tags of my own.  I might do 1-4 for the whole week.  If the powers that be feel that strongly about it, then I would appreciate an explanation.  Just explain "why."   I can then accept and move on.  For now, I'm out. 


My buddy Andrew and I have collaborated on a new sports blog venture.  This will be a companion piece to this existing blog and the Dave Podcast.  We call it ""  at .   All it really is is our daily emails to each other about sports, but now posted online as topics and comments.  Link: .

I'm in the mood for cookies, but I've gained many pounds over winter break so cookies are not to be.

If I've gained this many pounds, what would be a few more in the name of a good porterhouse steak?  I've given it some thought, haha.

WHOAH!  Could you believe Louisville destroying Florida in the Sugar Bowl?  I was as mesmerized as everyone else.  Teddy Bridgewater for the win!

Tonight in the Fiesta Bowl I like Kansas State, as I mentioned before.  It doesn't help that Chip Kelly, Oregon Head Coach, is presumed to be in talks with NFL teams for a new coaching position. 

Can you believe the Junk Man wants to get married this year?  Wow!  I was shocked... think he can do it?

Nothing else to report for now, although I'm due to get a blood test soon.  I will never be done with those needles!

I forget -- is there any context that calls for a sperm sample?    It would be much easier to solicit a sperm sample from me than a blood sample.  The only thing that creeps me out is that sperm samples will also pass my DNA to complete strangers.  Ethically I'd be in a weird spot approving that.  If the Sperm were to be used for medical tests, I think I'd be ok with that.

I wonder how *much* money you can get from a sperm sample.  Again, by doing a sperm sample I am completely altering the future of the universe.  That's a hell of a scare right there.... do unknown people really want my genes? 

Does the nurse have a hand in getting that sperm sample?  OK!  I've said enough, haha.

Dying to see a new rock concert soon.  I don't know what band or where, but soon is the word.

Why is it so hard to win a hand in Solitaire?   The cards are all dealt out but I think most people win 10% of the time.  That's atrocious!

How did the air get so dry all of a sudden?   My hands are parched and probably in need of lotion.  Oof.

Cookies would really hit the spot today.   What kind, though?  Snickerdoodle seems ok.

That's all for now... drat, am I getting a cold too?  I'm out for now.

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