Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: January 24th

I'm still so impressed that a) Gerry in Piscataway played ball against Earl Clark and b) Junkie played ball against Elton Brand.  Both of those guys proved themselves in the NBA and I think it's really cool that they could hang with either one.

Last night in the final half hour of the podcast with Junkie, I looked over and saw zero, literally ZERO people in the chat room.  I was really worried.  I thought people were upset with me.  

After the show I settled down.  I realized that it was *really* cold on the East Coast and most people didn't want to bother with a dopey podcast in favor of warm blankets and warm heating vents.  I just hope everyone is ok.   It was *extremely* cold on the East Coast and legitimate cold weather.

Any time we claim to be "cold" we should just slap ourselves on the face and kick ourselves in the pants.   We Californians are hot stuff calling 35 degrees at night a "Cold Day."  Seriously?  I'm ashamed at myself for complaining about cooler temperatures about two weeks ago.

I am so happy to learn that my buddy Kevin on the Cape aka Junkie is reading this blog now.  I thought it was great that he printed the blog entries each day and brought them home.  That's dedication.

You'd be surprised how effective two peanut butter/jelly sandwiches are for breakfast and lunch.  It must cost about 65 cents to make each sandwich and yet they're rather good for the whole day.  TWO was the key.  I started out trying to last on just one sandwich and I had no chance.

Another key difference is that I use this wider whole wheat bread instead of the regular, narrorwer slices.  Tremendous bread!

I'll tabulate the totals later but I hope I kept my expenditures  to about 20-30 bucks for the week in food.   Dinner has gone very well.  Penne, $2 for a box.  Sauce, $2.50.  Meatballs, $3.70.   All together: $9.20 for four dinner meals.   If I was more conservative about portion sizes, I could presumably stretch it for a fifth meal.

In a twist, I'm meeting a friend of mine at Cafe 50's tonight and I'll spend at least $9.20 in one shot.  Dang.

Are you one of those folks who holds out for free cookies at work?  So, say a co worker brings a dozen cookies or some cookies come to the office as leftovers from a big meeting.  Those are good days, aren't they?

Even with all that restraint, one will get the urge to eat things like BBQ Pork sandwiches, chicken sandwiches from Burger King, and so on.   

OH, and finally the Wendy's in Santa Monica opened.  It took them long *enough* didn't it?   Finally it opens, and I cannot tell you for the life of me why they decided to build the smallest Wendy's imaginable.   I think you can only fit four tables in there.   Soon enough I'll be able to check it out for real.

However big the restaurant is, it is so great to have Wendy's nearby at last.   I said the same of Del Taco and then suddenly I stopped going.   The "eat in" thing kept me from Del Taco a lot.

I had to have posted about this before but does anyone, and I mean *anyone* remember this show on WGN called "Bozo the Clown?"  It was a "modern edition" of the show that used to come on at 5am through to 7am.   In Chicago, that would be 7am til 9.   Back in those days, WGN on Cable was *the* WGN that aired on Chicago TV.  We got it all:  Blues Brothers movie, Cubs baseball, Perfect Strangers re-runs, and this Bozo show.

When I was younger, I was the kind of freak that liked to get up ridiculously early.  I kept pushing the bar, and it started with me getting up at 6am.  Then it was 5, and 4 when I'd pop on TBS and watch Gilligans Island reruns.  Then I'd be challenging the test patterns.  Sometimes I'd watch the test pattern and stare at it, waiting for it to end.

Ok, ANYWAY, moving on, I'd flip around and one of the shows was the Bozo the Clown show with his sidekick Cooky.   In the middle of the show, they'd do the GRAND PRIZE GAME where you had six little buckets and a ping pong ball.  You start by trying to drop the ball in the first bucket right next to you.   The next bucket was a little farther away and you try to toss it in there, and on and on til you got to the 6th bucket.  Each bucket was worth a prize that was greater and greater in value.   By the end of it you were going for an all expense paid vacation to Hawaii with a bike and a whole TV entertainment system.  I'd see little kids try the grand prize game and it was just so intense.  Yes, six buckets and a ping pong ball was intense, I was 8!  I don't know if anybody nailed the sixth bucket, but man there were some close calls.

It was always a dream of mine to compete for a sick prize like that.   Later on I got a show that was above and beyond any buckets.. and it was called "The Price is Right." 

Do you remember those contests for prizes on TV where you had to dial the 1900 number or something?  I think for one of them it was a 1-800 number.   Oh baby, the day they announced on TV they were giving away a Super Nintendo, I was on it like white on rice, but then I got so sad when I would dial and it was way too late.   Never occurred to me that millions of other little kids would have tried the number already.

I never did get a Super Nintendo.  After I went nuts with the original Nintendo, playing it every waking moment, my Mom refused to allow video games in my house.   It probably was for the best, because at least it didn't leave me as completely anti-social.

I can't even play modern day video games.  Too many turns and twists and a lot of killing.  I can't get into it.   Why would I be in the mood to kill hundreds of people every day?

Those games are so complicated anyhow, so I don't mind being detached from gaming.  The best I can do is write a song about a video game in the style of Buckner and Garcia.  I came up with "Story of a Plumber," a tribute to the original Super Mario Bros. game.

I have the whole song written out in my head and *that* is a big reason I was looking for a piano keyboard.  I want to commit my ideas to music.  I think I can do it if I can find the time and skills.

That's all from here.  Have a great one folks!

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