Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Daves's Thoughts of the Day: January 15th

Howdy folks.

This is the first morning blog post in a few days.   I tried doing the blog the night before but the results haven't been what I want.  I think there's something to having a fresh mind each morning that helps you write.

For instance, I think all the ideas you had in your mind get a chance to settle down with rest.  Pieces come together, and that sort of thing.

Ok so Lance Armstrong!   I don't care.   Doping in sports is practically commonplace.  The real issue is that he went over the top with his multiple championships, so he was going to have to answer eventually.  Furthermore, his issue is that he bullied so many people behind the scenes trying to cover it up.  That's the real problem with Armstrong -- renders him to be an egotistical lying malcontent.  Personally, it doesn't affect me a whole lot.

I think there usually needs to be a connection with the person's occupation to get into a story like this.  The only cycling I did was as a little kid to ride around the neighborhood.  Then I started driving.

If Michael Phelps, champion swimmer, got pegged for PEDs, that would affect me a whole lot more.  BOY would that suck.  Probably wouldn't surprise anyone, but to think such a relatively humble dude could stoop so low as to juice up would be a disgrace.   Ya know what though?  I highly doubt it happens because we already saw signs of him slowing down during the last Olympics.  The natural break-down a body incurs at older age is appropriate, so I think Phelpsies is clean.

ESPN is rich getting so touchy-feely with the Lance Armstrong subject.  Those jokers wouldn't know a cyclist if he crash landed in the Sportscenter Studio.  What a farce!   Stop pretending to care about cycling, losers.  Go back to pumping up LeBron James, geez.

Ever go on the bus and find "that dude" or "that woman" on the bus?   There's this lady who boards the bus around 5:15 or so at SM/Westwood and nobody likes her.  She claims shes from the East Coast and all she does is complain.   Moan about this.  Moan about that.   People are getting familiar with this loser and this time out she and the bus driver had an argument about something.  I don't know what they were talking about because I was listening to 80's music on the DROID.

Then we got to my stop and a few extra people got off.  I know of some familiar faces who normally don't get off this early but there they were getting out at the Federal Ave stop.  Insane, right?

20,000 points is good, but it's not *that* big a deal.  When Kobe was going after 30,000 points, I saw that LeBron James was getting pretty close to 20,000 himself.   I mean when he gets it, he still holds company with 32 other NBA players (not including those who have 30k+).   Tom Chambers scored 20,000 points, folks.   Effectively, if you're a good NBA player, a franchise player, and you can make it 10-12 seasons, you'll score 20,000 points.  It's a good accomplishment but not worth a ton of coverage.  As a matter of fact, I think ESPN is spending more time covering LeBron's 20k than they did covering Kobe's 30k.

I wonder if ESPN goes into each day and gets their programming chiefs together.  Then I wonder if they get into a meeting room and brainstorm ways to piss off their audience each night.

Why does Chris Berman still have a job?  Oi.

Brent Musburger bringing up the NFL's Championship Game point spreads at the end of a BAYLOR/KANSAS BASKETBALL GAME, was a real riot!  I laughed.

Anyone else think Bonnie Tyler's "Hero" and Paula Cole's "Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?" are songs about the same thing.

I'm late to the party but can you believe Taylor Swift tried to do a pop/rock album?   Pretty weird.

I contend Country is the new Adult Contemporary.  Country music today is so polished, so over-produced that you really could just interchange an AC song for a new Country song between stations and nobody would know.  There's not much "Country" about country music lately.   I'd listen to iono Johnny Cash, Chet Atkins, maybe a lil Buck Owens and Patsy Cline.  It seemed real.  Then the glossy superstars came into play, guys like Kenny Rogers, Dolly Parton, and so on.  You got guys like Garth Brooks, Faith Hill, and Shania Twain who elevated country to a whole new level.  By then it just got more and more glossy.

Country music has always been great, and still is.  It's just a little less country than it used to be, from my perspective.  I could argue the same of every genre.  Hip Hop is too bouncy and dance oriented.   Rock is too mundane and juvenile.   Even so-called "Indie" music is only as independent as the megaconglomerate parent label.  It's just the industry, isn't it?

Yesterday I ate my apple and then had my coffee and peanut butter/jelly sandwich.  Today I ate the PBJ first with coffee and then the apple.  The palette likes this sequence much better!

Tried to make popcorn last night with a standard grade 4 oz popcorn packet designed for small commercial popcorn machines.   ...*but* I tried to pop it in my whirley pop stovetop kettle.   All went well until the popcorn started to burst out of the kettle!!   I thought at the time "It's only 4 ounces, I bet we only get half of the kettle full," but no!!    The amount of popcorn I got was massive.   There was no way I was eating it all in one sitting.

Popcorn pants will return.  I promise you it will, on my next trip to the movies.

That's all from here, have a good one!

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