Friday, January 18, 2013

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: January 18th

Here comes the three day weekend!

First of all to save time with the posts, I'll post my two NFL Championship Round predictions here.  Now, this might be cheating but I did see the lines this way a few days ago and jumped on it.  Here we go:

I have Baltimore +9 and
Atlanta +5

Atlanta *+5* is outrageous!   I know how well the 49ers have played but just in general, that is way too many points to give a home team, let alone a home team that had a divisional round bye and the #1 seed.   This isn't to say Atlanta wins, but to think they'd lose by 6+ points is nuts.   I don't care much for Atlanta myself, but they **should** be in this game most of the way.  The betting public completely forgot about turnover potential with the Niners and QB Colin Kaepernick is a loose canon so to speak.  I love his arm, but he is so loose out there that he's still prone to the intecerption.

B'more +9 is obvious:  We know how this game goes... Baltimore plays New England tough and then they do something stupid to hand over the game to the Patriots.  Movie sequels are enough, do we need sequels to AFC Championship games?

50/50 is a restaurant in the area that's getting all the rage (rage?  I always thought rage implied anger but I mean to imply excitment).   Their most famous burger there is a burger with 50% beef and 50% bacon.  Now how good is that, fellas??   The only thing is, it's way the hell over in Pasadena so I'd have to make a big trip of it.  I don't think I could do it Saturday per se, but if they had a TV with the Kings Season opener on, maybe I'd go.

My actual, intended plan for the Kings' season opener is to get a kebab plate somewhere nearby and then watch it on TV at home.   It would be truly the best way to honor the 2012 Championship banner ceremony.   As far as the game itself against Chicago, who knows?  So many of the Kings are  hurt right now including Kopitar and Quick.  We might as well just watch and see it unfold.

I thought about seeing a movie as well this weekend to start up the ole popcorn pants again.  I honestly, I swear, wanted to go back to the same AMC theater just so I could get popcorn pants with a film.   Ideally, I could go and watch one of those satellite delivered operas produced at the Met in New York.  There's a few of them that are pretty good.   Those opears look really good on the big screen. 

Last night, for a moment, I looked into a Yamaha CP 70 "stage piano."  It's a kind of electric piano that was big in the post-punk era.  By my recollection, Tony Banks, Billy Joel, and quite a few others used it.  It's also pretty compact so it'd fit really nicely into the apartment.  I don't play piano for a living but I have *enough* talent to get in a few chords and riffs, and maybe by practicing I could get even better.

People always say musicians get all the girls.   I tend to say they're right.

Lance Armstrong on Oprah last night.  Who cares?  Next topic.

Lakers, ugh.   Next topic.

Well ok one word about the Lakers.  They played very hard last night and gave a big effort.  That's pretty much all I could hope for, is for them to be in the game through to the end.  Then the Heat schooled LA and kept them without a point.  I'm just sick of this mess.   There needs to be some serious change and not running out and getting another big-name free agent.

Can you believe my buddy "the Coach" Andrew saw James Worthy at his local grocery store last week?   Worthy is a cool cat... he apparently initiated a convo about the Niners game since my buddy had his 49ers shirt on.   It's too bad more former/retired athletes aren't this kind and outgoing.

If you could choose anyone you'd want to see or talk to at the grocery store, who would it be?  Cap meets Kate Upton at the Grocery store, now that's a story!

Is Kate Upton even that popular any more?   Talk about a flavor of the week model.  Ohhhhhh, I wonder if I ruffled some feathers with that one!

I like Kate Upton... I do!  Yet, it was funny how everyone moved on after about a year.  The best all-time models are models who are still making an impact many decades later.  Two great examples: Christie Brinkley and Cindy Crawford.   Oh right, and how about Heidi Klum, a pretty obvious example.

I think that's all that's on my mind right now.  Hope all's well with all of you.  Catch you all soon!

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