Thursday, January 17, 2013

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: January 17th

Have any of you figured out the Manti Te'o fake girlfriend story yet?    Me neither.

Last night people brought up a very good point:  How do we know anybody we meet online is real?   Thankfully I've managed to have many friends contact me over the phone and even on the Dave podcast.   It's been good.  I've met a number of the fellas in person.

Another good question: even with the little blue checkmark on twitter, how do we know how real the accounts of any famous name is?

The Te'o fake girlfriend story reminds me so much of an obscure show I saw on youtube from the 80's: It's Your Move.  Their finest moment was the two part episode entitled "The Dregs of Humanity," where the main character and his buddy try to stage a band for the local dance, BUT the original band can't make it, so the two characters try to make up their own band using some trickery.  Here's how it went:

Here's the twist!  The fake band got so popular that the two jokers tried to keep them going as a legitimate music act, all while concealing their actual identity, which is, invisible.  A big concert promotional company got them a gig at the Palladium for thousands of dollars!   What a well written piece of television, fellas.   Little did we know it was way, and I mean WAY ahead of its time.

This (Te'o) story got so big that nobody cares about LeBron James' 20,000th point.

This story got so big that Lance Armstrong is suddenly shifted to the back burner.  In fact, I wonder if this is some conspiracy to take the heat off of Armstrong.  Nahhhhh!

This story got so big, USC for the first time in years, looks like the lesser of the jokers.  Notre Dame and their AD really put on a show at that press conference last night.  Jack Swarbrick and his George Costanza esque attire, and his George Costanza esque appearance, put on a whole three part production of lies and dramatization.  Bra-vo, sir.  You had some of America convinced.

I don't blame Notre Dame for taking Te'o's side.  I don't really know what else they could do.  Throw him under the bus?  Nah, it's sensible.  However, going all in like that is going to set them up for a massive fail if Te'o gets outed.

"Outed"... hoo man that brings up a whole other possible angle with Mantsies...   not that there's anything wrong with that.

After watching both Swarbrick and Teo's interviews (Te'o from a few months ago) in context, I am just a little suspect there's some acting involved.  It might have to do with being here in LA and being surrounded by aspiring thespians who are good at fake acting.  I'm not sure.

I'm curious:  is a porterhouse steak sandwich possible?  Or maybe a T-Bone like cut seared with crusty edges the way they do it at Wolfgang's Steakhouse.  I dare say I've fallen in love with their steak, but this time, it's *real.*

An online relationship with a steak would be so pointless.

However, a real dinner at Souplantation is in the works.  Do the dance!

It's been about a month since I last went.  I've been in a meaty mood lately and for all the virtues I've made of Souplantation, I do think they're sorely lacking in the meat department.  This is by design, to keep it healthy.   However, a salad/soup based dinner is not a bad idea.

Still loving ATL, though the line was at +5 and it went down to +4.5.  Man, I should have made my first ever online bet and jumped on ATL +5 when I had the chance.   Online bets... now how do we know *those* are real?

I just had a real peanut butter sandwich... or DID I?  How will you ever know?

What is real?  What isn't?   How do you know I'm writing this and now some ghost writer?

No, I can tell you it's me.   However, it is fun to keep people guessing.   That was the ongoing plot of "It's Your Move" too for a while, then the PC police got involved.  The guys who made that show never made it through the season.  It was quickly cancelled.  Some guys named Moye and Levitt.

So how'd they recover from that?  They did this little show called "Married... with Children."  Ever hear of it?

Wink wink nudge nudge!  See ya soon, everybody...

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