Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: January 31st

There's not much to write today, so let's do this thing.

The Lakers and Howard can part ways any time now.    He just isn't a reliable player.  What a farce.  Get rid of that goose.

Julia, Tom, and the Junk man were fantastic last night on the DITC podcast.   Can't thank them enough!  What a show.   Tebow wishes he had great missionary work like what Junkie did.  Many people out there in B-more only think they're as good a football fan as Julia is from MD.  And Tommy?  He once again brings the juice.  Great job by all!

I'm really starting to get fed up with my stupid phone.  It's a DROID but DROIDs are supposed to do things right.  And this one doesn't.  This has nothing to do with Android or even Motorola..  what I did was I cheaped out and paid the price.  I am positively livid about this hunk of crap.  It won't download anything on command, the downloads only work about half the time, the keyboard has more delays than the WFAN web stream, the thing crashes once a month, and any time I try to do more than 1 thing at a time, inevitably one of the 2-3 extra processes quits on me.  OH and whenever I start Live365, there's a bug that un-does my buzzer setting so that my ring tones play in the clear when I get a call rather than vibrate.  What a piece of garbage phone.    I'll stay with Android but I'm getting a legit phone next time.  There's barely any storage space on this thing anyway.  It's a mess.

Not only that, but I'm a little fed up with this slow as molasses DSL connection at home.  I'd like to spend less than 90 minutes to upload a meager 100MB file.  Is that too much to ask?!   Cities all around the world, even little two horse towns, are getting FIOS and big ole Los Angeles is stuck with the ratty cable or the painfully slower DSL.  Lucky me.

If FIOS ever comes to town, Directv is GONE.  No more Sunday Ticket but I can live with that.   I want cheaper cable service and faster internet -- well worth it.

I'm this close to dumping satellite altogether.   The Lakers season is over, football is over, there might be enough sports to occupy my time over the air.  I would save an enormous amount of money.  Enormous.

My goodness, have there been frustrations this week.  Last night was frustrating.  I had to re-upload the podcast episode twice to iTunes.  Crazy.

Whew... wow.  I was livid huh?   Hopefully better days are ahead.   My life is certainly not bad right now.  I was just having a few bad turbulent spots last night after a very good podcast.  Life still went on, thankfully.

I was frustrated at LVH Casino for giving me a very boring and uninspiring list of prop bets.  I thought they were the MECCA OF ALL SPORTS GAMBLING.   Be that as it may they were extremely disappointing with their list of prop bets.  All of them were straight laced "who will score xyz stats" bets.  This is not what I was looking for.  When I think "Prop Bets"  I think "who will win the coin toss", "How long is the national anthem," "is so and so in the audience," you know?  Really zany, nutty maybe even non-sports related bets!  So, instead, I once again turn to for all the essentials, which has been my go-to source for prop bets over the last three years.

On that note, a big finger to the people at for recommending LVH for prop bets.   LVH is amazing with regular betting but fun dopey joke bets are not their game.  There were none to be found.

Who would be good at serving a four-star quality steak at midnight?  I wonder if any superb steakhouses are open that late.   An interesting exercise.  I can look into it on Friday I suppose.

On a lighter note, LA traffic has been downright wonderful this week.  I was extremely impressed to have a reasonable commute home every night this week.   Thank the maker for such a comfortable return trip home.

I could use some real peaches right now.   Cannot wait for Peach season to start.

Grapes would be nice too, but they're still a little too expensive.  In due time.

I do want the 49ers to win.  However, I still am feeling the Ravens.  It hasn't changed much the whole time and I think that's a good sign that my pick will be accurate.   Time will tell.

That's all from here.  I don't have patience to write more.  I really wish the Lakers would get with the program and just rework the whole roster.    Have a good one everybody!

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