Friday, January 25, 2013

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: January 25th

Good to have Friday here.  I'm going to assist with my Mom's annual piano recital again this weekend.  As usual, I'm not "giddy" about it, but it should be a rewarding affair.

There's a lot of stress and pressure that goes into any stage presentation and the key is to just get through it.   Hopefully all goes well.

Freakish night in dreams for a Friday.   I had two bad dreams.  First I was on a bicycle and made an illegal left turn as the light was turning red against (this is hard to explain) a beat up Volkswagen car taht was an undercover cop.   I think I actually made the turn *behind* his car as he was making a left from the other side of the road.  Then he pulled me over.  

What was I doing on a bicycle?  I have no idea.

Then, later on I had a dream about going to the theater and nearly falling asleep, and as I was getting outside to the lobby I fell to the floor because I was so tired, THEN I saw these little blue circles sprinkled on the carpet.  They were blue confetti dots!   This was the nightmare of the year.  I got up somewhat, but couldn't get out of bed for an hour with the rain outside.

Speaking of nightmares, the Kings season is off to such a bad start.  This is what I deserve... I changed the entire landscape of the NHL last year and it's only fair to have them get hosed like they did last night at Edmonton.   Go to to see how it ended.   0-3 so far.   I shouldn't even complain if they start 0-10, because with karma it always evens out in the end.  So, no complaints.  I'd still rather have it this way than without the cup.

Man, I jovially predicted they'd miss the playoffs, but it's really starting to look that way after a week.  I don't even think they're playing all in all miserable hockey but they just seem to have mental lapses that yield game tying (and losing) goals.  Quick has been pretty remarkable on this road trip, but the issue is that the defense is not helping out very much.  The only thing that's carried over so far from last year is the Kings' penalty kill.   That fourth line is a sight to watch too, but again, the Kings really gotta get it going offensively.  You can't score 1 goal per game and expect to win, period.

Last night, I was at Cafe 50's with a friend.   Good times were had.   We chatted up the NBA and some other things, and in between I had a noice blueberry milkshake and the classic Mushroom and Jack Cheese Burger.   Now *that* was a good hamburger.  I forgot how good it really was.  In fact, it might even have improved.  Something about the seasoning they used in the meat last night was hitting the sweet spot.  Highly recommended.

Remember how in "Back to the Future Part II" they had a "Cafe 80's" in their depicted 2015?   We're only two years away from 2015 and it would seem like an obvious move for someone out here to start an 80's cafe.  You could construct it to function literally the way the one in the movie does, although I would *gauge* you'd still want actual people serving the food.

That Sports Almanac that went up to the Year 2000 would be entirely useless today.

BTTFP2 was surprisingly accurate with a lot of future "innovations" depicted in the movie, including the multiple channels, digital communications, and things like that.   Two major items they got wrong: the popularity of laserdiscs and the Cubs winning a World Series.

People, the Cubs are a loser organization.  They will *never* win a World Series in the next several decades and I don't even have to worry about jinxing that one.  In 2003,they had the NL title handed to them on a silver platter and five outs left and still blew it.  That pretty much ends my confidence in them.  They would need a complete overhaul in the culture of their franchise to evoke any change.    Even Theo Epstein can't save them... yet.

One of the fun things to do for a Super Bowl is to try the signature foods of the two teams.  Last year we had NY and NE and their foods were easy to set up.   A slice of pizza or a bagel for NYC and Clam Chowder for NE.   This year we have San Francisco and Baltimore.   B-more is going to be good with the Crab Cakes or any kind of Crab.   San Francisco is a little tougher, but a sourdough bread bowl or garlic fries are good choices.  Those who thought "Rice-a-Roni" are a little off.

The real fun starts next week:  SUPER BOWL WEEK my friends!  It's on!  See you on Monday...

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